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Whether it's to rent the ice for a shinny hockey game or to host a large event, City facilities offer an innovative and economical way of bringing people together.

Facility rental options are provided in the links on the left side of this page.

Depending on the facility rental, you may be required to have insurance. Insurance is available, even on a optional basis, through the City’s Insurance Broker. See What is User Insurance? below.


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 Facility Rental General Information

For the list of City facilities available for rental, please visit for more information.

 Insurance Requirements

Any facility rental booked after September 1, 2007, will be required to maintain and produce a liability insurance certificate (unless purchasing insurance through Facility User Insurance Program) for the following facility use rentals:

  • Outdoor Festivals & Events
  • Vendors/Exhibitors Participating in City of Mississauga Operated Events, e.g. Canada Day
  • All Indoor and Outdoor Sport Facility Use Rentals
  • Social Events (with or without alcohol)

The remaining facility rentals are optional for insurance. Depending on the outdoor festival or event, the minimum amount of insurance required ranges from $2 million to $5 million. High risk sports, such as hockey have a $5 million requirement, while low risk sports and events have a $2 million requirement.

 What if I have the Required Insurance?

Your broker must complete a City of Mississauga insurance certificate template which must include the City of Mississauga as an additional insured. To view the insurance certificate template, click below:

What if I don't have insurance? See What is User Insurance?.

 What is User Insurance?

User insurance programs have been in existence for over 15 years. This program provides individuals and/or groups renting a City facility or permitting City space (known as "Users") with liability protection to mitigate the financial exposure resulting from a claim.

If you cannot produce the required insurance, you can purchase the required insurance through a program offered by the City’s Insurance Broker at a nominal cost.

Insurance limits range from $2 to $5 million per occurrence for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a Third Party including:

  • Tenant's Legal Liability: provides coverage for damage to the rented or permitted premises or the area of the premises that is being rented.
  • Participants to Participant Liability: provides for coverage for injury to one participant by another participant.
  • Non Owned Automobile Liability: provides insurance coverage for vehicles not owned, leased or rented by any of the named insured's, for example, the user stated in the facility rental contract and provides protection to the facility user's participants and volunteers, who may use their private vehicles to conduct business on behalf of the facility user.
  • (For Alcohol Socials Only) Host Liquor Liability Coverage: provides coverage for claims resulting from the serving of alcohol.

Note: Insurance coverage applies when the facility is rented to and being used by the User. In the event of a claim, there is a deductible of $1,000 payable by the User to the insurer.

Click here for a summary of the User Facility Program Summary of Coverage

Click here for an explanation of the User Facility Program Coverage Requirements

Click here for procedures relating to the User Facility Program 

Click here for the Quotation Form 


 User Insurance Rates

Rates are contained in the below PDF document.

User Insurance Rates Document

1. Rates are current and include applicable taxes.

2. Any part of an hour is to be charged the full hourly rate (i.e. if event is 1.5 hours charge is for 2 full hours)

3. Alcohol Use - A copy of the Liquor License with permit holder's signature (sign anywhere on permit) MUST be forwarded to the City a week prior to the event.

4. For seasonal sport team rates, tournaments and camps/schools, contact the City's insurance Broker by referring to Who is the City's Insurance Broker? below:


 How to Purchase Insurance

At the time of renting a facility or taking out a permit, the rate, plus provincial sales tax (PST), will be added to your rental contract or permit.

Please keep in mind that any part of an hour is to be charged the full hourly rate, for example, if the event is 1.5 hours, the charge will be for 2 full hours.

Contact your facility rental representative to confirm your purchase.

 User Insurance Certificate

If you are required to provide a certificate of insurance, you can download a copy below.  You will need to also provide a copy of your rental agreement invoice as proof of insurance purchase.

If this is an alcohol event, a copy of the Liquor License with the permit holder's signature (sign anywhere on the permit) MUST be forwarded to the City a week prior to the event.


  Download the Insurance Certificate - $2 Million

  Download the Insurance Certificate - $5 Million


 Who is the City's Insurance Broker?

Effective November 2014, please direct any questions, applications, and monthly reports to:

Description: Visit us at
595 Bay Street, Suite 900
Tel: (416) 619-8000
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E3