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Mississauga Official Plan
Official Plan Review
Official Plan Review
As Mississauga continues to evolve, so does our Official Plan. The City’s Official Plan provides policies that guide and direct the physical change of the city. They also help manage the effects this change has on Mississauga’s social, economic, cultural and natural environment.
We’re reviewing the existing Official Plan to ensure it reflects the changing needs, opportunities and aspirations of our city.

We all have a stake in the future of our city. Get involved and have your say!


Office Consolidation
The office consolidation of the Mississauga Official Plan is updated to include Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) decisions and City Council approved Official Plan Amendments as of November 22, 2019. Appeals to the Plan are shown as follows:
  policies that have been appealed City-wide are noted with highlighting;
  policies appealed that are site specific are underlined in red; and
  policies requiring regional approval are underlined in green.
Until all the original appeals are resolved, both Mississauga Plan (2003) and Mississauga Official Plan will need to be referred to since they are both partially in effect. Once all matters have been decided, Mississauga Plan (2003) will no longer apply.
The office consolidation is prepared for the purpose of convenience only. For accurate reference, the original Plan as approved by the Region, Ontario Municipal Board decisions and amendments to the Plan should be consulted.
Post Consolidation Activity
The following list is a tracking sheet of all Mississauga Official Plan Amendments (MOPAs) and Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) decisions that have occurred since the Mississauga Official Plan consolidation of November 22, 2019 (as posted Online). This list contains details of all the amendments that have been approved by Council since November 22, 2019 as well as appeal activity since this time period. Post office consolidation activity is summarized in the List of Unconsolidated Official Plan Amendments and LPAT Decisions. All amendment documents and corresponding appeal material are posted on the Mississauga Official Plan Amendment Site.
Mississauga Official Plan (November 22, 2019)

To understand the planning rationale and policy objectives of Mississauga Official Plan, it should be read in its entirety and all relevant text, tables and schedules are to be applied to each situation.

Office Consolidation & Information
The Office Consolidation & Information section is for convenience only and is not considered part of Mississauga Official Plan. This section tracks Mississauga Official Plan approvals, amendments and appeals, and lists policies currently under appeal and in effect policies. It also tracks the status of the original 19 appeals to the October 5, 2011 Region approved Mississauga Official Plan.
Consolidation & Information
Consolidation Versions
Policies Awaiting Final Approval
List of Definitions
Other Information
Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction and Policy Context
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Policy Context
Chapter 3 Promote Collaboration
Part Two: City Wide Policies
Chapter 4 Vision
Chapter 5 Direct Growth
Chapter 6 Value the Environment
Chapter 7 Complete Communities
Chapter 8 Create a Multi-Modal City
Chapter 9 Build a Desirable Urban Form
Chapter 10 Foster a Strong Economy
Part Three: Land Use Designations
Chapter 11 General Land Use Designations
Chapter 12 Downtown
Chapter 13 Major Nodes
Chapter 14 Community Nodes
Chapter 15 Corporate Centres
Chapter 16 Neighbourhoods
Chapter 17 Employment Areas
Chapter 18 Special Purpose Areas
Part Four: Implementation and Glossary
Chapter 19 Implementation
Chapter 20 Glossary
Mississauga Official Plan Schedules
Schedule 1 – Urban System Schedule 1a – Urban System - Green System
Schedule 1b – Urban System - City Structure Schedule 1c – Urban System - Corridors
Schedule 2 – Intensification Areas Schedule 3 – Natural System
Schedule 4 – Parks and Open Spaces Schedule 5 – Long Term Road Network
Schedule 6 – Long Term Transit Network Schedule 7 – Long Term Cycling Routes
Schedule 8 – Designated Right-of-Way Widths Schedule 9 – Character Areas
Schedule 10 – Land Use Designations  
Mississauga Official Plan Appendix
Mississauga Official Plan Local Area Plans

Downtown Core Local Area Plan
Downtown Core Local Area Plan (Partial Approval)

Port Credit Local Area Plan
Lakeview Local Area Plan
Southdown Local Area Plan
Note: Some of these PDF files are quite large and may take some time to download. For best quality, please print in colour.
Land Use Designations
Schedule 10 thumbnail For land use information about your property, locate your property on the adjacent Land Use Designations map
Schedule 10) and click to enlarge the area.
For more information about Mississauga Official Plan, contact:
Sharleen Bayovo, Planner, City Wide Planning at:
phone: (905) 615-3200 ext. 3018
fax: (905) 615-4494
For specific property and zoning information, contact: 3-1-1 or, 905-615-4311 if outside city limits / email us.