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Questions and Answers for Second Units

Questions and Answers

  1. Why should I register my second?

    Registering your second unit will ensure that you unit it is safe for your tenants. Inspection staff from Mississauga Fire as well Building Inspection Services will inspect for compliance to the Ontario Fire Code and Ontario Building Code.

  2. What is a Building Notice and how do I get one?

    A Building Permit Notice is the official record of an issued building permit. This notice would have been printed and given to the owner or applicant at the time of permit issuance for any permits associated with your second unit. Below are two examples of Building Permit notices that the City has issued over the years.

  3. How will this affect my taxes?

    The City is obligated to report the issuance of ALL building permits to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). They will determine if the construction will affect your assessed value.

  4. Who is responsible for registering second units?

    The property owner is responsible to ensure that the unit is registered in accordance with By-law 114-16

  5. Do I need to do something or will registration happen automatically?

    Once you complete the application and all required inspections are completed and passed, the unit will be automatically registered and will appear on the registry list.

  6. What proof do I have that my unit is registered?

    You will retain a copy of the application form. You will also received confirmation of registration via a letter or certificate once the process has been successfully completed. This information will be mailed to the owner at the owner’s address indicated on the application form.

  7. If I sell my property, does the registration go with the property or the property owner?

    Once a unit complies with application Fire or Building Code requirements it is registered Registration is not dependent on ownership.

  8. What other costs might be associated with my registration of a second unit?

    While there is no longer the need to pay the licensing fee or pay to register the unit, the cost associated with obtaining a permit, construction, design professionals, etc. remain.

  9. Do I need to provide additional parking?

    Parking needs to be provided according to the requirements of the City's zoning regulations.

  10. Do my neighbours know or will they be informed about by registered second unit?

    There are no provisions in the Registration by-law to provide notification to adjoining properties. However, once registered, the property address will appear on a public registry.

  11. If I am on this registry, how do I stop people from calling to enquiry about vacancy?

    The City's registry of second units does not include contact information.

  12. Do I need to registry my unit if I am renting to a family member?

    All second units in the City are required to comply with applicable Fire and Building Code requirements and registered regardless of the tenant that occupied them.

  13. Are there any tax incentives or program rebates available if I register my unit?

    The Region of Peel has renovation assistance program for second units for those that qualify. Information is available at

  14. Who enforces By-law 114-16 and where can I call to register a compliant?

    All city By-laws are enforced through our Compliance and Licensing Division. You can contact them or file a complaint by calling 3-1-1.