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Grass Cutting at City Parks this Wet Spring

City services | June 10, 2019

From May to September, the City’s Park Operations team is responsible for grass cutting and trimming at the City’s approximately 500 parks and sports fields.

Sport fields are cut at different times than community parks because of a difference in service levels and usage. We have two crews that visit each park: crew with large cutting equipment cuts large open spaces in a park and then a turf crew follows to cut and trim the rest of the park.

The City has been experiencing a very wet spring. It has caused many parks and sports fields across Mississauga to flood. There are many locations that the City can’t get machines on without tearing up the turf, getting equipment stuck in the mud or creating large ruts.

Given that the grass will be longer than usual when cut, some parks will experience a lot of grass clippings that will disperse over time.

Thank you for your patience as staff work diligently to get back to the regular service schedule.

Wet grass at City park
Wet ground at at City park in Mississauga
We Ground - Aquinas
Grass and wet ground at Aquinias Park in Mississauga


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