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How to Beat the Winter Blues

Entertainment and activities | March 3, 2020

Being stuck in the thick of Canadian winter can make for trying times. As the temperatures rest well below zero and the sun sets before most people are even home from work, many Canadians tend to stay indoors this time of year while physical activity can come to a standstill. But there is a silver lining. Winter the perfect time to do the things you always want to do, but never have time for. And with spring still weeks away, this precious downtime will soon run out, so take advantage while you can!

So much more than books, Mississauga Library has an endless list of activities to make winter a little more intriguing. Always wanted to learn a new language? Looking to read magazines or newspapers from around the world? Finally have time to work on your personal budget? Interested in joining a book club?  Whether you are up for braving the cold to visit one of the library’s 18 locations or browse online from the comfort of home, you are sure to find something that interests you. Check out the Library’s list of programs and events for March and April.

Exercise has been shown to increase the production of endorphins (the happy hormone) and physical movement can be a great way to boost mood. Get moving with drop-in sport programs at one of the Mississauga’s 31 recreation facilities. Drop-in programs include pickleball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, soccer and more. Programs are available for all ages, from preschool to older adult.

Enjoy the best of winter activity – but indoors! Mississauga offers drop-in, winter-esque indoor activities that will help make the home stretch of the season a little more enjoyable. Try a fun skate, hockey stick & puck or hockey shinny across 12 arenas and 24 indoor rinks.

No matter what activity you choose, this is the perfect time of year to try something new and get moving to help beat the winter blues!