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Mississauga Continues to Make Great Progress 2013 Report on the Strategic Plan

City services | May 23, 2014

The 2013 Progress Report on the Strategic Plan highlights the actions being taken and the achievements being made under the five Strategic Pillars for Change.

  • The Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit project, a priority in the regional transportation plan the Big Move, continues to move forward helping to share and transform the way people move in and through Mississauga.
  • Receiving a Gold Youth-Friendly Community designation from Play Works for creating a community that actively supports and provides opportunities for youth.
  • The revitalization of Cooksville Four Corners into a vibrant community meeting place.
  • The installation of the sculpture ‘Migration’ and the mural ‘Backside Flip’ bringing two more of Mississauga’s public spaces alive.
  • The approval of the Credit River Parks Strategy to ensure the long-term investment in the preservation, conservation, management and growth of the parks and natural areas along the Credit River.

Visit the Strategic Plan website to learn more about all the actions and progress being made on achieving the City of Mississauga’s Vision for the future.

The Strategic Plan Report is part of the City’s ongoing Reporting Out series which provides residents and stakeholders with annual updates on the progress being made in the areas of the Strategic Plan, accessibility, culture, cycling, economic development, finance, older adults and youth.

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