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Vision Cooksville Report Will Help Shape Area Improvements

Business and innovation | June 28, 2016

City staff presented the report Vision Cooksville – A Long-Range Community Vision for Downtown Cooksville at yesterday’s meeting of the City’s Planning and Development Committee.

The report is the outcome of the extensive Vision Cooksville public engagement initiative. The project team gathered and assessed community input about the Hurontario and Dundas area from more than 500 participants over a five-month period. This was achieved through community meetings, on street conversations, online surveys and social media.

“It was remarkable that so many took part and yet we all had a common view of transforming Cooksville into a fantastic people place with great public spaces and meeting places,” said Nando Iannicca, Councillor, Ward 7.

The report details a community vision, six guiding principles, 19 community recommendations and a multi-year action plan.

The community vision for Downtown Cooksville includes:

  • a walkable, pedestrian friendly community
  • a variety of housing for everyone at all stages of life
  • improved open spaces and new parks and parkettes
  • a thriving independent small business community
  • a hub of community services, recreation and a new library
  • a local identity reflected in signage, public art and community activities

“Downtown Cooksville is a vibrant and diverse community. Population growth, intensification and the arrival of the Hurontario Light Rail Transit will bring significant change to the area over the coming years,” said Ed Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building. “Through Vision Cooksville we have created a vision that reflects what we heard from the community and will guide the area’s redevelopment and revitalization.”

Some of the recommended actions will be implemented in the short term. These include traffic and pedestrian safety audits and cultural programming at the Four Corners.

Other actions that may require significant investment or amendments to the City’s Official Plan are longer term.

The Vision Cooksville Report will go to City Council for approval on July 6, 2016.

For more information, visit the Vision Cooksville website.

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