Civic Recognition Program

The Civic Recognition Program gives the Mayor and Members of Council an opportunity to recognize the efforts and achievements of Mississauga residents and volunteers.

You can nominate eligible individuals, community groups, organizations or businesses for a Civic Recognition Award. Nominations are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis.

The nomination period for 2023 has closed. Any new submissions will be considered for 2024.

How to nominate for the Civic Recognition Program

Eligibility for individual nomination

You can nominate an individual who has demonstrated a high level of achievement in athletics, sports, arts or academics, or whose actions have improved the City.

To be eligible, the individual must meet all of these requirements:

  • Was living in Mississauga at the time of their achievement
  • Their actions or work directly served Mississauga and its residents
  • The majority of their education or training in their area of achievement took place in Mississauga

Eligibility for a community group, organization or business nomination

You can nominate a group, organization or business that’s helped serve the City of Mississauga if the:

  • Community groups and organizations primarily serve residents of Mississauga and the majority of their members are Mississauga residents
  • Businesses operate in Mississauga

Types of Civic Recognition Awards

There are four different awards that are available for Civic Recognition.

Certificate of Recognition

The Certificate of Recognition is awarded to:

  • Individuals or groups who have had an impact at the local, regional or provincial level through volunteering, exemplary actions, achievements and victories
  • Recognize significant milestones of individuals and organizations such as 50th wedding anniversaries, 90th birthdays, 10 year business anniversaries and official business openings

Council considers nominations for this award on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

The Certificate of Recognition is presented by the Mayor or a Member of Council at an event or awards ceremony organized by the nominating group or person. If there’s no event, the certificate can be picked up in person or mailed to you.

Civic Award of Recognition

Achievements are recognized in the following categories:

  • Voluntary Community Service: Individuals or groups that have improved the quality of life in Mississauga through volunteer efforts and who have volunteered in their communities for 10 or more years.
  • Youth Community and Civic Engagement: Youth between ages 14 and 24 who have contributed more than 140 volunteer hours to community or civic activities.
  • Achievement in Sports: Athletes or teams that have won championships at a city-wide, regional, provincial, national or international level.
  • Achievement in Arts and/or Academia: Artists or arts groups that have won competitions, juried shows or exhibitions. Outstanding accomplishments in academic fields may also be recognized.

Nominees who have previously been nominated will be eligible again after a period of 10 years.

The City hosts a special ceremony annually where the Mayor and/or Members of Council present the awards.

Civic Award of Merit

The Civic Award of Merit is one of the highest forms of recognition that an individual can receive from the City of Mississauga. This award recognizes individuals whose achievements have made a major impact nationally or internationally. Only City Council can nominate someone for the Civic Award of Merit.

Previous Civic Awards of Merit have been presented to Silken Laumann in 1992 and Oscar Peterson in 2003.

Civic Philanthropy Award

Two Civic Philanthropy awards are presented every year to individuals who’ve demonstrated an outstanding commitment and dedication to the City for a minimum of 25 years. Organizations are not eligible for the Civic Philanthropy Award.