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Building the Pedestrian Master Plan

The City of Mississauga completed its first ever Pedestrian Master Plan in 2021. The plan shapes how pedestrian connections are designed and implemented across our neighbourhoods, helping to enhance and create safe places for people to walk in Mississauga.


Walking is a part of everyday life and is an efficient, cost effective and healthy way to travel around Mississauga. The Pedestrian Master Plan acts as a go-to reference for pedestrian infrastructure projects until 2041, supporting the City’s commitment to a Vision Zero approach. The plan satisfies Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class EA process.

The Pedestrian Master Plan project:

  • reviewed the City’s existing pedestrian network, identifying gaps and opportunities for future infrastructure projects
  • identified key destinations for pedestrians (e.g. transit stops, schools, local amenities etc.)
  • analysed how growth and intensification would impact existing and future pedestrian infrastructure
  • set short, medium and long-term service delivery and project priorities
  • reviewed best practices of pedestrian infrastructure and network design

The Pedestrian Master Plan project was led by the City of Mississauga. A consultant team led by Urban Systems and supported by Dilion Consulting provided specialized expertise in active transportation and community engagement.

The plan

The Pedestrian Master Plan was endorsed by Council on June 23, 2021.

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Public engagement

Mississauga launched the public engagement process for the Pedestrian Master Plan on September 15, 2020.  The public engagement approach focused on collecting input from community members and stakeholders through the following methods:

  • Two online surveys hosted on the City’s Have Your Say Mississauga page.
  • Presentations to Committees of Council
    • Accessibility Advisory Committee
    • Environmental Action Committee
    • Road Safety Committee
    • Traffic Safety Council
  • An Online Public Meeting to present the draft recommendations and recommended improvements to the pedestrian network
  • Posting of the Draft Pedestrian Master Plan for public review (mid 2021)

Project contact

For questions about this project, contact Jacqueline Hunter, Project Leader, at

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