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Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods

The City is working to create more housing choices in Mississauga’s neighbourhoods.

How can we improve housing choices in Mississauga?

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In 2021, the City began the Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods study to find ways to bring more housing choices to neighbourhoods through gentle density. Gentle density increases the number and variety of homes in existing single-detached neighbourhoods.

Gentle density includes:

  • Giving people more housing choices in areas they want to live in and housing options for people at all ages and life stages.
  • Creating a mix of owned and rented units for more income types.
  • Bringing more people and homes to areas with parks, community centres and libraries already in place.
  • Reviving neighbourhoods with population declines. More people in these areas make them livelier and provide services people want close by.
  • Helping reduce sprawl by creating more compact communities with transit and road networks already built.

How the City is creating gentle density

Additional residential units (ARUs)

The City has created new zoning and official plan rules for ARUs – homes such as garden suites, garage conversions, triplexes and laneway suites. The new zoning allows up to three residential units on one lot (including the primary residence). It also outlines the right lot size for one- or two-storey ARUs and gives direction on their size and height.


The City has approved new zoning and official plan rules to allow fourplexes on low-rise residential lots. The new regulations permit fourplexes “as-of right.” This means you can apply for a building permit without additional zoning approvals, if plans meet by-law regulations. The new regulations allow for a variety of fourplex configurations and help support the creation of more rental units in neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood zoning review

The City is reviewing new simplified single-detached neighbourhood zones. This project will help remove barriers for housing like semi-detached and smaller-sized detached homes and allow more housing types to be built in residential areas that currently allow single-detached homes only. Staff will consult the public and make zoning recommendations in early 2024.

Multiplex review

The City will also be reviewing how to permit multiplexes (more than four units) across Mississauga. The review will include public engagement and consultation with the City’s Housing Panel. Staff will provide more information on the review in early 2024 and bring recommendations for Council approval in late 2024.

Public engagement

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Like most cities in Ontario, Mississauga is experiencing a housing crisis:

  • Housing is unaffordable for most.
  • Young people are worried about having to leave the city.
  • There are few options for newcomers.
  • More people are moving to Ontario – but the city’s single-detached neighbourhoods are shrinking.

Housing plan

The Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods study is one of the many important actions in the City’s housing action plan.


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