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Redeveloping Gulleden Park

The City of Mississauga is redeveloping Gulleden Park to better serve the community.


The redevelopment process for Gulleden Park is underway. The community engagement process is now complete. We received feedback from residents to understand what type of park experience and amenities could best serve the community.

Public engagement

In March and April 2021, we conducted a resident survey to understand what type of park experience and amenities could best serve the community. In reviewing the survey results, it was noted that a number of submissions may have been influenced by instructions originating from an online petition for a covered rink. A virtual targeted public meeting took place on October 19, 2021. Nearby residents were invited to learn about the survey results and share their views on preliminary recommendations for the park’s redevelopment.

To close the loop on these engagement activities, please review the following reports:

The City hosted a second virtual public meeting on June 15, 2022 that included a presentation on the redevelopment concepts and question and answer period with residents.

In July 2022, the City also conducted an on-site survey at the park, to obtain firsthand observation of park usage and to gather, directly, park user feedback on their preferred amenities and proposed concepts. A total of 50 park users of all ages participated in the on-site survey and responded to a series of survey questions, based on an information panel that was shown. The panel included information on the project redevelopment, the proposed amenities and three preliminary design concepts.

The same panel was displayed for a week at the Burhamthorpe Library in August 2022. Library visitors were invited to provide comments on the proposed concepts by email.

In September 2022, in addition to the public engagement, the City also reached out staff from Peel District School Board, Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board and Our Place Peel to present the project and receive their feedback.

Current status

The community engagement process is now complete. Based on the public feedback, the City will move forward with a Preferred Park Concept that combines Concepts #2 and #3 from the information panel. The Preferred Park Concept includes:

  • The oval ice rink from Concept #2
  • Arrangement of court amenities from Concept #2 with the addition of two dedicated Pickleball courts
  • Summer programing options to be included on the rink surface

A comprehensive summary of all these engagement activities is included in the Closing the Loop Report.

Burnhamthorpe Community Centre renovation

The City is renovating and building a new addition to nearby Burnhamthorpe Community Centre to meet the needs of the Rathwood-Applewood community by constructing a new aquatic and fitness centre as well as improving infrastructure to address population growth and changing demographics in the area. The redevelopment will begin in spring 2021 and the community centre is anticipated to re-open in spring/summer 2023. During this time, the building and site will be closed to the public for construction.

For more information about the project including frequently asked questions, and construction timeline, please visit the project webpage(External link).

Outdoor ice rink

During the design phase for the redevelopment of the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, it became clear that the outdoor rink would need to be removed. The removal of the rink was also supported by the fact that the outdoor rink equipment has come to the end of its lifecycle.

However, because of COVID-19 restrictions, the City has seen an increased demand for public skating, and residents have indicated a desire to replace the outdoor rink at a new location.

The City has considered the feedback from the public engagement for the redevelopment of Gulleden Park. It is now confirmed that the City will build a new outdoor refrigerated skating facility as part of the planned park redevelopment.

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For questions about the Gulleden Park redevelopment, contact Park Planning at

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