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Tecumseh Park woodland

Restoring the woodlands in Tecumseh Park (Ward 2) to make sure it remains a functioning forest ecosystem.


The woodland in Tecumseh Park is a significant natural area in Mississauga. The health of the woodland has been declining over the years due to informal foot paths, encroachments, invasive plant presence, soil compaction and vegetation trampling.

A restoration project in the woodland is underway to restore and enhance its health to ensure it remains a functioning forest ecosystem. Access to the woodland will be limited for the duration of the project to allow for Parks and Forestry staff to actively manage the site and allow it to regenerate.

Map of woodland areas in Tecumseth Park that will be closed for restoration


The restoration project involves the following components to actively manage the woodland:

  • Tree and shrub planting: native trees and shrubs will be planted in selected areas to enhance natural regeneration and increase presence of native species.
  • Invasive species control (beginning fall 2019): invasive plants including garlic mustard, European buckthorn and non-native honeysuckle shrubs will be removed. Invasive plants out compete native plants for resources and reduce biodiversity in natural areas.
  • Addressing encroachments: removing encroachments from neighbouring properties to restore the health of the natural area.
  • Closing unsanctioned trails and trail re-alignment: creating one trail through the woodland. Where necessary, boardwalks will be removed or rebuilt.

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