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Tobias Mason Washroom Pilot Project

The City has converted a shipping container into a seasonal washroom facility for park visitors to use.

The washroom in Tobias Mason Park is the first pilot project for the City of Mississauga to explore cost-effective ways to provide comfort stations to the public. The pilot began in 2021 and completed in spring 2023.

About the facility

The washroom is in a shipping container close to Terragar Boulevard, near the park’s existing spray pad, playground and sports fields. The shipping container is 20 feet in length and has a standard width of 8 feet.

The washroom design goal was to be accessible, safe, durable and easy to clean. The facility features two barrier-free, universal washroom stalls and energy-efficient electrical and plumbing.

Seasonal operations

The washroom is cleaned daily during the spring, summer and fall. The washroom is not open during the winter season.

Shipping containers

Shipping containers are repurposed to build many things – from homes to park washrooms. They offer a practical and versatile solution and are very durable.

Planning criteria

The City chose Tobias Mason Park as a suitable location for the pilot based on the following guidelines:

  • The site’s existing park facilities include a playground, two soccer fields, a softball diamond and a spray pad, which attract long visits
  • There’s no public washroom within walking distance of the park (for example, in a nearby community centre or library)
  • The seasonal washroom pilot fits within existing available, non-programmed space
  • The park’s Open Space OS2 Zoning permits washrooms
  • The park has suitable Fire and Emergency Services access
  • The park’s existing grades are relatively flat so that no extensive grading was needed

Project reassessment

The City will be seeking public feedback through an online survey in late 2024. The survey will explore how the facility and its location are serving the needs of park visitors.


For more information on the project, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

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