Completed in 2022 Environmental assessment

Mimico Creek Erosion Control Project – Rena Road and Etude Drive to Derry Road East

The City is doing a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Study for erosion control and restoration at two sites on Mimico Creek.

Project overview

The west branch of Mimico Creek has been straightened in a narrow corridor through Rena Road. Ongoing bank erosion in this section of the creek poses a risk to adjacent properties and has damaged storm sewer infrastructure.

The east branch of Mimico Creek is also experiencing ongoing erosion along the creek banks between Etude Drive and Derry Road East, including the failure of stone-filled gabion baskets.

The City has identified these reaches of Mimico Creek as a high priority sites in need of rehabilitation.

Project objectives

The foremost goal of this project is to develop restoration designs for the two reaches of Mimico Creek which mitigate the existing erosion problems and provide long-term stability to the channel corridors while also protecting or enhancing the existing environ- mental resources within the study areas.


Rehabilitation of the creek will improve the stability and environmental health of the watercourse, improve fish habitat and fish passage, maintain or improve the hydraulic capacity of the creek, and protect nearby properties and infrastructure.

Online Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre (PIC) presents information related to the study and allows an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to provide input. The PIC for this project has been moved online for public health and safety purposes related to COVID-19. Please find the presentation and comment form below to connect with the Project Team and share your input.

Greg Frew, P.Eng. – Project Manager
City of Mississauga
201 City Centre Drive, Suite 800
Mississauga, ON L5B 2T4
905-615-3200 ext. 3362

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