Below grade entrance

Your drawings must clearly show what is existing and the changes you’re proposing. Drawings must be to scale, and should use metric measurements. We may request additional information when your application is reviewed.

For a below grade entrance you’ll need to submit:

The site plan must include the following:

  • Scale (metric only)
  • Direction (North arrow)
  • Municipal address
  • Legal description (lot and plan numbers)
  • Existing buildings and accessory structures labelled “existing”
  • Proposed below grade entrance hatched and labelled “PROPOSED” in capital letters
  • Dimensioned property lines
  • Overall building dimensions
  • Rights-of-way and easements
  • Landscaped areas and hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways

Set backs

  • Setbacks from all property lines to proposed below grade entrance

The floor plan must include the following:

  • Direction (North arrow)
  • Title and scale
  • Use and size of rooms and spaces
  • Legend indicating which walls are existing to remain, which are to be demolished (if any) and which are proposed (if any)
  • Floor drains and ventilation provisions
  • Section marks

In addition to the above, the Foundation/Basement Plan must include the following:

  • Soil bearing capacity
  • Size, thickness and material specifications of foundation walls and footings
  • Step down footing (SDF) locations
  • Size, spacing and footing specifications
  • Concrete slab and granular fill thickness and material specifications

Sample drawings

Contact us

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