City-owned properties for sale, lease or licensing

For sale

There are currently no properties available for sale.

For lease or licensing

There are currently no properties available for lease or licensing

Apply to lease or license a City property

Before you apply

  • The City does not pay any broker commission fees.
  • The Application – Expression of Interest to License City Property (Application) package and information that applicants provide do not bind the City or the prospective licensee in any way. The purpose of the Application is to allow applicants to:
    • show the desire to license the property
    • initiate the application process
  • The City collects only business contact information, which is used for informational purposes only.
  • The City has no obligation or duty to accept the highest, best or any offer and may, in its sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any or all offers.

How to apply

  1. View the listing details and check the:
    • application deadline
    • deadline for questions and requests for clarification
    • reference ID
  2. Email the City’s Realty Services at to request the Request for an Application package and include the reference ID In the subject line.

After you apply

  • If your application is received within the deadline, City Committee staff will review and evaluate it.
  • If your application is submitted after the deadline, it will not be considered for review.
  • If you’re a successful applicant, Realty Services will contact you to confirm the City will proceed to negotiate a License Agreement.
  • If you’re not a successful applicant, you will receive an email notifying you about the decision.