Join the One Million Trees program as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary and help enhance Mississauga’s open spaces and forested areas for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you participate in a City tree planting event or plant on your private property, each tree counts. Add your tree to our tally and have it count towards the City’s goal of planting one million trees.

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Why plant trees

There are 2.1 million trees in Mississauga which improve the environment, health and quality of life for all. Trees provide many benefits by helping:

  • Improve air quality and clean air
  • Reduce smog and the effects of pollution
  • Create shade
  • Provide habitat for birds and other wildlife
  • Decrease energy demand for cooling in summer (by shading buildings) and heat in winter (through windbreaks)
  • Prevent flooding and reduce peak stormwater run-off volumes
  • Increase property values and aesthetics that strengthen communities
  • Encourage healthy living and mental well-being

Top planters and partners

Check out our top planters and partner organizations helping us to meet our goal.

Top five large organizations based on the total number of trees planted:

  1. City of Mississauga (306,304)
  2. Credit Valley Conservation (103,873)
  3. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (55,962)
  4. Evergreen (7,016)
  5. Scouts Canada (6,000)

Top five small organizations based on the total number of trees planted:

  1. Credit River Anglers Association (41,728)
  2. Art of Living (8,131)
  3. The Riverwood Conservancy (5,262)
  4. Tree Canada (3,107)
  5. Forests Ontario (2,680)

Top five schools based on the total number of trees planted:

  1. St. Marcellinus Catholic Secondary School (3,188)
  2. Olive Grove School (2,717)
  3. Mississauga Secondary School (2,002)
  4. University of Toronto Mississauga (1,848)
  5. Port Credit Secondary School (1,559)

Top five businesses based on the total number of trees planted:

  1. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (4,717)
  2. UPS (3,550)
  3. RBC (2,162)
  4. The Home Depot (1,945)
  5. Air Canada (1,915)

Top five individuals based on the total number of trees planted:

  1. Robert Tattersall (208)
  2. Vincent (75)
  3. Sean Stuckless (67)
  4. Tami Koehle (58)
  5. Carmen D’Souza and Aaron D’Cruz (50)

Our partner organizations who continue to support the City’s One Million Trees program and goal:

  • ACER (Association of Canadian Educational Resources)
  • Conservation Halton
  • Credit Valley Conservation
  • LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests)
  • Toronto and Region Conservation for The Living City

Tree planting tips

  • Choose native plants
    We recommend planting native species to support local wildlife.
  • Avoid invasive species
    Prevent the spread of invasive plants and protect the native environment.
  • Understand your yard
    Certain trees grow better in specific environments, soils and conditions.
  • Care for your tree
    Provide proper care, watering and maintenance for the type of tree on your property.

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