Cannabis is a drug legalized for recreational and medicinal use under federal law. Within Ontario, there are specific regulations about the production, sale and use of cannabis.

Retail cannabis stores

In accordance with City Council Resolution 0103-2023, cannabis retail stores can legally operate in Mississauga.

Municipalities in Ontario, like Mississauga, cannot license or authorize retail cannabis stores. Under the provincial Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 and Regulation 468/18, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is the provincial regulator responsible for privately-run cannabis stores.


As the provincial regulator, the AGCO is responsible for:

  • Licensing eligible retail store operators and managers
  • Authorizing cannabis retail stores
  • Approving cannabis retail employee training programs
  • Regulating the sale of cannabis from privately-run cannabis stores

As new retail store authorization applications within Mississauga are filed with the AGCO, the public can submit individual comments or concerns about proposed stores during the public notice period.

Any inquires about opening cannabis retail stores in Mississauga should be directed to the AGCO.

By allowing cannabis retail stores in Mississauga, the City is responsible for:

  • Amending and enforcing Zoning By-laws as they relate to cannabis retail stores
  • Regulating smoking (tobacco and cannabis) in public places through enforcement by police, by-law and security officers

From a zoning perspective, the City is not permitted to designate cannabis retail as a separate land use from retail or commercial. However, cannabis retail stores must comply with the City’s Zoning By-law related to retail use.

The City does not have any advance notice about applications for cannabis stores.

Complaints about cannabis

To make a complaint about the use, sale and distribution of cannabis, or drug-impaired driving, you can contact Peel Regional Police at 905-453-3311.

Contact Security Services at 905-896-5040 to make a complaint about the use of cannabis on City property, including parks, facilities and in public spaces like Mississauga Celebration Square.


For general information about cannabis in Mississauga, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside city limits). Contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario if you have inquiries about retail cannabis stores.