Fire safety plans

Most residential, commercial and industrial buildings require a fire safety plan. A fire safety plan ensures that fire safety systems, equipment and procedures are set up and maintained in a building, to protect people from fire.

There are many qualified companies who can prepare a fire safety plan for you. Plans are customized to a specific building and should be reviewed at least once a year.

If you’re a building owner it’s your responsibility to check if your property requires a fire safety plan. The Ontario Fire Code (Div. B, Section 2.8) lists what types of building requires a plan.

Your fire safety plan should be available on site, in a security box accessible to our fire crews, as stated in the Security Box By-law.

All fire safety plans must be submitted to our Fire Prevention Division and approved by the Chief Fire Official.

School fire safety plan

Contact your school board’s support services for a copy of our school fire safety plan template.

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