Request a trial

If you get a provincial offences ticket, an ‘M’ ticket for a parking violation at Pearson airport, or a specific type of municipal matter, you have the option to go to trial to plead not guilty.

You can either visit the Ontario Court of Justice at 950 Burnhamthorpe Road West to submit a Notice of Intention to Appear, or email the completed notice indicating if you would like to have your trial be held in person or virtually (top right corner) to

You’ll then receive a notice of trial letting you know when you need to appear in Court. If you don’t receive a notice of trial, call 905-615-4500.

Request disclosure (evidence)

If you would like to receive a copy of the evidence of your provincial offence before you appear in Court, you can submit a disclosure request. A disclosure request usually takes six to eight weeks to process.

If you’ve requested disclosure for a speeding ticket, you can also review the radar or laser manual.

Change your trial date

There are three ways to change your trial date, which is also known as requesting an adjournment:

1. If it’s your first trial date, complete a Request for Adjournment of First Trial Date form. Submit it to the Prosecution Office at 950 Burnhamthorpe Road West. If your request is granted, you’ll get a new trial date.

2. Complete and submit a Notice of Motion and swear an affidavit at the Ontario Court of Justice. A motion date will be scheduled for the next available court date. You must attend this date in person. If your motion is granted, you’ll get a new trial date.

3. If you’re unable to change your trial date using the first two options, you must attend your trial date in person to request the adjournment. Someone else can also attend on your behalf.

Options if found guilty

If you’ve gone to trial for a provincial offence and been found guilty (been convicted), you can file an appeal or apply for an extension of time to pay your fine.

Appeal a conviction

You can request a higher Court to review the decision made at your trial. Complete a notice of appeal and pay your fines at the Ontario Court of Justice in Mississauga within 30 days of the conviction.

Appeals for provincial offences are handled by the Ontario Court of Justice located in Brampton. For more information on the appeals process, please review the Ontario Court of Justice’s guide to appeals in provincial offences cases.

Extension to pay your fine

If you’ve been convicted but you need more time to pay your fine, you can request an extension. Complete the Extension of Time to Pay Your Fine Form and bring it to the Ontario Court of Justice in Mississauga.

Re-open a conviction

If you were unable to appear for a hearing or an early resolution meeting through no fault of your own, you can apply to re-open your case within 15 days of the conviction. Complete and submit the reopening application for review by a Justice of Peace in person at the Ontario Court of Justice.

Please call 905-615-4500 within five days of submitting your application to find out if your request has been granted and if a new trial date has been set.