Parking enforcement on private property

If you’re a residential or commercial property owner or manager, you can report vehicles in violation of posted parking signs.

Every private property must have proper signs outlining the parking regulations so that our staff can enforce those rules. Examples of signs include Visitor Parking, Tenant Parking and Customer Parking.

How to request enforcement

Before requesting enforcement, the property owner must provide authorization to the City.

  1. Save the Private Parking Offence Letter of Authorization to your device.
  2. Complete the form. Make sure you enter all required information so that we can process your submission.
  3. Select “Submit” to attach a copy of the form to an email.
  4. Attach the required supporting documentation to the email.
    • For property owners: Provide proof of ownership, such as a deed or a tax bill.
    • For authorized individuals other than the owner: Include a written letter from the owner clearly stating that they grant you permission to manage enforcement on the property on their behalf. The letter must be signed and dated, and include the owner’s phone number or email address.
  5. Send the completed form and supporting documentation to
  6. Call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) to request a property inspection.

What happens next

Once we receive the parking letter of authorization form, required supporting documentation and request for property inspection, our parking enforcement staff will visit to complete a site inspection. We will let you know if the current parking signs are correct before any enforcement can begin.

Once approved, you can request enforcement by calling 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

How to request a penalty notice booklet

Private security officers can request handwritten penalty notice booklets through the parking enforcement reservation system.