Change an in-person dispute appointment

You can only change your in-person appointment to dispute a ‘P’ parking ticket at the Ontario Court of Justice.

If you reschedule your appointment you’ll be unable to view your new appointment date online.

You can still pay your ticket up until the date and time of your in-person dispute. Once paid your appointment will be cancelled.

Failure to attend an in-person dispute

If you fail to attend your in-person dispute you’ll have to pay your parking ticket fine and also the following fees:

  • Non-appearance fee – $50.00
  • Late payment fee – $25.00
  • MTO search fee – $10.00

If these fees are not paid your vehicle permit renewal will be denied and you’ll have to pay an additional plate denial fee of $20.00.

Speak to a Hearing Officer

If you’re not satisfied with the decision at your in-person dispute you may request a further appointment with a Hearing Officer. You have 15 days from the date of your in-person dispute decision to make this request.

The decision of the Hearing Officer is final.