Mississauga Zoning By-law
New Zoning By-Law
Read all about Mississauga's Zoning By-law. We have an entire page devoted to this new document.
  Mississauga Zoning By-law
Breathe in Smoke-free Air
Smoking is a Health concern which affects all of us. For more information or to register a complaint, contact the Region of Peel Health at (905) 799-7700 or by clicking on the link below.
  Regional Smoke-Free By-law 14-2003
(Line) Division Fence By-Law 0075-2004 Information Package
The following information is provided to assist property owners in reaching an agreement on the construction of a division fence in accordance with the provisions of Division Fence By-Law 0075-2004:

The City of Mississauga maintains a registry of by-laws enacted by Council. By-laws which may be of interest to the public are usually of the regulatory type such as: Animal Control, Dog Licensing, Parking, Traffic, Fence Construction, Noise Control, Property Standards, Signs, Debris, etc. Upon payment of the appropriate fee, copies can be made available by calling 311 or in the Clerks Office, 2nd Floor, Civic Centre.


For By-law Enforcement, Copies of By-laws,
Council Decisions and Corporate Reports call 905-615-4311

Mississauga City Council passed the Mississauga Zoning By-law 0225-2007 on June 20, 2007.  You can access Zoning By-Law information by clicking on the related links below. 

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   Mississauga Zoning By-law
   Zoning By-law (In Effect)
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  Accessible Parking
By-law 10-16

  Adequate Temperature
By-law 110-18

  Administrative Penalty (effective date June 1, 2014)
By-law 282-13

  Adult Entertainment Establishment Licensing
By-law 507-05

  Animal Care and Control
By-law 0098-04

  Audit: Internal Audit Charter
By-law 65-13

  Audit Committee: Terms of Reference
By-law 321-10

  Building By-law
By-law 251-13

  Business Licensing
By-law 1-06

  Carbon Monoxide
By-law 77-99

  Cemeteries (Municipal)
By-law 189-05

By-law 197-14

  Controlled Substance and Manufacturing Operations Prevention [Growhouses]
By-law 225-03

  Debris and Anti-Littering By-law
By-law 0219-1985

  Demolition Control By-law

  Development Charges
By-Law 0096-2019

  Discharging of Firearms
By-law 271-11

  Division Fences
By-law 0075-04

By-law 0057-04

  Erosion and Sediment Control (Topsoil)
By-law 512-91

  Fees and Charges: Drop-in Culture Programs and Rental Rates
By-law 159-17

  Fees and Charges: Fire & Emergency Services
By-law 224-18

  Fees and Charges: General
By-law 0220-2018

  Fees and Charges: MiWay Fares
By-law 0217-2018

  Fees and Charges: Planning Act Processing
By-law 225-18

  Fees and Charges: Pre-registered Culture Programs (in effect January 1, 2019)
By-law 222-18

  Fees and Charges: Stormwater (effective date January 1, 2016)
By-law 135-15

  Fees and Charges: Transportation and Works
By-law 226-18

By-law 397-78

  Fire Routes
By-law 1036-81

  Fireworks: Residents
By-law 293-01

  Fireworks: Vendors
By-law 340-01

By-law 511-04

  Golf Course
By-law 188-05

By-law 0078-2018

  Heritage Grants
By-law 184-07

  Highway Obstruction
By-law 357-10

  Ice Cream Truck Vendors
By-law 523-04

  Idling Control
By-law 194-09

  Licensing Administrative Penalty
By-law 135-14

By-law 187-05

  Medical MarijuanaLicensing
By-law 57-15

  Methadone Licensing
By-law 166-14

  Municipal Accommodation Tax (in effect April 1, 2018)
By-law 23-18

  Municipal Address ( building numbering )
By-law 30-11

  Municipal Servicing
By-law 83-06

  Noise Control
By-law 360-79

  Notice ( public notice requirements)
By-law 215-08

  Nuisance Lighting
By-law 262-12

  Nuisance Type Noise
By-law 785-80

  Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control
By-law 125-17

  Open Air Burning
By-law 140-18

By-law 186-05

  Private Tree Protection
By-law 254-12

  Procedure ( Committee of Adjustment )
By-law 350-07

  Procedure (Council)
By-law 139-13

  Prohibit Accident Scene Solicitation on Highways
By-law 83-15

  Prohibit Sale of Goods on Highways
By-law 127-95

  Property Standards
By-law 654-98

  Publication Distribution Box
By-law 18-07

  Public Vehicle Licensing
By-law 420-04

By-law 374-06

  Records Retention Schedule
By-law 97-17

  Remuneration and Benefits (Mayor and Councillors)
By-law 511-02

  Rental Housing Protection (in effect June 1, 2019)
By-law 121-18

  Residential Rental Accommodation Licensing
By-law 172-10

  Road Occupancy, Lot Grading, Municipal Services Protection Deposit
By-law 251-12

  Screening and Hearing Officer (effective date June 1, 2014)
By-law 285-13

  Second Units Registration
By-law 114-16

  Security Box
By-law 289-97

  Shopping Carts
By-law 49-09

  Sign ( Public Nuisance)
By-law 222-08

  Sign By-law 0054-2002
By-law 0054-2002

  Site Plan Control
By-law 0293-2006

By-law 94-14

  Special Events Temporary Road Closure
By-law 51-06

  Storm Sewer By-law
By-law 259-05

  Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law
By-law 191-11

  Tax (collection of final levies 2019)
By-law 0072-2019

  Tax (collection of interim taxes for pre-authorized payment plan 2019)
By-law 202-18

  Tax (collection of interim taxes for regular instalment plan (2019)
By-law 5-19

  Tax Ratios (2019)
By-law 0071-2019

  Tax Rebates
By-law 56-10

  Tow Truck Licensing
By-law 0521-2004

  Traffic (Parking)
By-law 555-00

  Transit (rules and regulations)
By-law 425-03

  Transportation Network Company Licensing
By-law 0109-2019

  Vehicle Licensing (Driving Schools and Refreshment Vehicles)
By-law 0520-2004

By-law 522-04

  Ward Boundaries: Composition of Council
By-law 211-05

  Ward Boundaries: Redivision
By-law 212-05

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