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Official Plan Amendments, Rezonings & Plans of Subdivision Applications

Mississauga (Official) Plan is a policy document which sets out the goals, objectives and direction for long term growth and development in the City. The Plan is a strategic document developed with citizen input to guide development decisions. Amendments are made to the Plan most often as a result of a rezoning application that is inconsistent with policies found in Mississauga Plan.
The Mississauga Zoning By-law is a set of regulations governing land use that implements the policies of Mississauga Plan. Each property in the City is categorized into zones. Each zone defines and regulates uses and sets standards for each permitted use. The rezoning process provides a way to change zoning regulations for individual properties, and is generally initiated by the property owner.
A subdivision is created when land is divided into lots or blocks for the purpose of sale. A Plan of Subdivision is a legal survey which shows how the property has been divided, the location of new roads or services and outlines the proposed use of the lots or blocks. The proposal for a plan of subdivision must be in conformity with Mississauga Plan, which often results in concurrent applications being processed for an Official Plan Amendment and Plan of Subdivision.
The brochure "New Residential Subdivisions - Frequently Asked Questions" (listed below) is also available at the Planning Services Centre, 3rd Floor.
The application form can be used for Official Plan amendment,  rezoning, or subdivision applications.
OPA/ Rezoning/Subdivsion Application Form