Ward 11 development applications

Ward 11 current development applications for rezonings, Official Plan amendments, and subdivisions.

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File: OZ/OPA 21/014 W11

Owner: City Park Homes (Streetsville) Inc.

City Planner: Shaesta Hussen, email: shaesta.hussen@mississauga.ca

Original Proposal: Two townhouse blocks consisting of 73 stacked townhouses and 4 live/work units with retail space fronting Queen Street.

Revised Proposal: An 8 storey mixed use building consisting of 232 residential units and 8 work/live units.

Original Submission (November 2021)

Resubmission (March 2023)

Resubmission (July 2023)

Resubmission (October 2023)

File: (OZ/OPA 22-9 W11)

Owner: Miss BJL Corp.

City Planner: Shaesta Hussen, email: shaesta.hussen@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: To change the official plan and zoning to permit a 9 storey apartment building with at-grade retail uses.

Original submission (January 2022)

Resubmission (July 2023)

File: OZ 18/012 W11 and T-M20004 W11

Owner: NYX Capital Corporation

City Planner: Caleigh McInnes, email:

Proposed development: 155 back to back stacked condominium townhomes on public and private roads, to extend Emby Drive, and to amend the limits of the Greenlands

Original Submission (June 2018)

Resubmission (June 2019)

Resubmission (September 2020)

Resubmission (March 2021)

Resubmission (June 2021)

File: OZ 19/011 W11

Owner: Dezen

City Planner: Shaesta Hussen, email:

Proposed Development: 239 back-to-back stacked townhouses.

Original Submission (August 2019)

Resubmission (February 2022)

File: OZ 19/010 W11

Owner: 1215846 Ontario Limited

City Planner: Caleigh McInnes, email: caleigh.mcinnes@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: Four storey condominium apartment building containing 43 units and the dedication of valleylands to the City

Original Submission (July 2019)

Resubmission (September 2020)