Ward 3 development applications

Ward 3 current development applications for rezonings, Official Plan amendments, and subdivisions.

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File: OZ 23/1 W3

Owner: KJC Properties Inc.

City Planner: Andrea Dear, email: andrea.dear@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: A 12 storey apartment building with commercial at grade and 20 townhomes

Original Submission (November 2022)

Resubmission (July 2023)

Resubmission (December 2023)

File: OZ 18/005 W3

Owner: IMH 1315 Silver Spear Limited

City Planner: Jonathan Famme, email: jonathan.famme@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: 9 storey apartment building with 179 units. The existing 8 storey apartment building will be retained.

Original Submission (May 2018)

Second Submission (November 2023)

File: OZ/OPA 22-14 W3

Owner: 1785 Bloor Holdings Inc, C/O Compten Management Inc.

City Planner: Robert Ruggiero, email: robert.ruggiero@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: A 14 storey apartment building. The existing apartment building will remain.

Submission (August 2022)

File: OZ 20-003 W3

Owner: 1840 to 1850 Bloor East Limited

City Planner: Robert Ruggiero, email: robert.ruggiero@mississauga.ca

Proposed development: Two 18 storey apartment buildings containing 433 residential units. The two existing apartment buildings will remain.

Resubmission (January 2023)

File: OZ/OPA 22-28 W3

Owner: United Property Resource Corporation

City Planner: Andrea Dear andrea.dear@mississauga.ca

Proposed development: the addition of two 12 storey apartment buildings while maintaining the existing church and 8 storey apartment building

Original Submission (October 2022)

Second Submission (October 2023)