Ward 4 development applications

Ward 4 current development applications for rezonings, Official Plan amendments, and subdivisions.

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File: OPA 21-21 W4

Owner: RGF (Mississauga) Developments Inc.

City Planner: Jonathan Famme, email: jonathan.famme@mississauga.ca

Proposed Development: A development application has been submitted to the City of Mississauga to amend the Official Plan to permit the replacement of a planned local road with a pedestrian easement, to facilitate a two-phase mixed use high rise development consisting of five (5) towers.

Original submission (February 2022)

Resubmission (July 2022)

Resubmission (November 2022)

Files: OZ/OPA 21-8 W4 and 21T-M 21-3 W4

Owner: The Elia Corporation

City planner: Adam Lucas, email: adam.lucas@mississauga.ca

To change the official plan and zoning to permit nine apartment towers ranging from 28 to 45 storeys, a new public park and eight blocks of 3-storey back-to-back stacked townhouses. A total of 4,690 dwelling units, 18,080.1 m2 (194,619 sq. ft.) of office space and 4,295.7 m2 (46,240 sq. ft.) of ground floor retail is being proposed. The existing retail commercial plaza is to remain.

File: OPA 22-29 W4

Owner: OPG SQ1 Holdings Inc., ARI SQ1 Holdings Inc., OMERS Realty Management Corporation and Square One Property Corporation

City Planner: Jonathan Famme, email: jonathan.famme@mississauga.ca

A policy-only Official Plan Amendment application has been submitted to the City of Mississauga to redesignate certain blocks within the Rathburn District north of Rathburn Road West from the ‘Office’ land use designation to ‘Downtown Mixed Use’ and to expand the land use permissions for all blocks to allow for life science uses.  No development is proposed at this time.

Original Submission