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Downtown21: What's it all about?

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Downtown21 is a bold undertaking.  The goal is to create a new comprehensive plan and strategy for Mississauga's Downtown involving land owners, the development community and the public.  The strategy will take the form of a long term plan of action - a Master Plan - designed to achieve a particular set of place-making goals and urban objectives for Downtown Mississauga.
The Master Plan will build on the success of previous plans and visions for the Downtown, shaping all of the great ingredients that exist within the core today into a plan of opportunities and action. This will evolve through a sustainable lens incorporating critical transportation, land use and urban design considerations.  The Master Plan will unfold as an inclusive process with special forums for community participation, education, hands-on workshops and design charrettes.

To assist the City of Mississauga in preparing the Master Plan, the acclaimed firm of Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin Incorporated was retained as lead consultant. They are joined by N. Barry Lyon Consultants, Ken Greenberg (Greenberg Consultants) and the Canadian Urban Institute. The Consulting Team brings with them expertise in urban design, place-making, transportation, land use and development planning, economics and real estate, marketing, landscape and sustainability

Why a Master Plan?

In June of 2007, the City of Mississauga launched the largest community engagement process in its history. "Our Future Mississauga - Be Part of the Conversation" initiative was designed to set the stage for a new vision and strategic plan for Mississauga. Through extensive public engagement, the process was wide-spread in its reach and vast in its collection of ideas. Ways to improve the downtown were consistently at the forefront of conversations with the community, City staff and Council for the City of Mississauga.

Given the importance of the Downtown, a Strategic Goal - Creating a Vibrant Downtown, was put forward to Council in June 2008, under the Strategic Pillar for Change - "Completing our Neighbourhoods". The Downtown21 Master Plan will be a highly important initiative flowing from Our Future Mississauga.

Downtown21 ~ Making It Happen

Just as the process of building a great city should never end, a City's vision should also evolve and be revisited from time-to-time.

The current vision for the Downtown was established more than 25 years ago.  Since then, there have been significant changes in thinking related to building places and vibrant downtowns in North America that are geared to creating memorable places and reinforcing the pedestrian experience.  Recent urban planning movements such as 'Smart Growth' and 'New Urbanism' have nurtured important principles and ways in creating sustainable places by looking back to traditional settlements, towns and cities as models for place making, new development and growth.

In Downtown Mississauga, the first generation of growth has produced an environment that's neither truly urban nor pedestrian-friendly. Consequently, residents and those who work in the Downtown are not able to fully experience the benefits of authentic urban life.  While so much has been accomplished in Downtown Mississauga in the last 20 years in the way of amenities, parks, public buildings and streetscapes, some additional energy needs to go into the planning of the Downtown core in order to achieve a vibrant, character-rich, pedestrian-oriented core where people can live, work and enjoy an excellent quality of life.   It is these fundamental qualities which form the critical basis of evolving urban areas and great downtowns.

Through a comprehensive engagement strategy, Downtown21 is intended to identify the opportunities, synergies and necessary ingredients to make the core a truly great urban place that Mississauga citizens can cherish and have a real affection for.