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Urban Forestry
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Tree Maintenance & Inspections

Maintaining healthy trees is a priority for the Forestry Section. There are approximately 1 million trees located on public land and 250,000 of those are located on City boulevards. If the City-owned tree adjacent to your home has been inspected and maintenance work is required, an inspection notice outlining works required will be left at your home.

City Tree Inspections Storm Response
If you feel that a City-owned tree requires maintenance work or you are concerned about its health, please call 3-1-1 (or 905-615-4311 if outside city limits).

Or you can use our online forms to:

The request along with your contact information will be recorded and you will be issued a service request number for your records. Forestry staff will inspect the tree. Work will be scheduled based on the results and the future requirements of the tree.
During a storm event, Forestry staff respond to calls from residents and emergency services. All calls are prioritized. Top priorities are trees that:
  • are blocking main arterial roads
  • have fallen on buildings

Electrical hazards such as trees on electrical wires, should be reported to Enersource:

All other situations including broken branches, trees down in parks etc. are dealt with after all priority calls have been resolved.

Depending on the severity of the storm, crews may initially attend a site to make the area safe and then return at a later time to complete the required work.

To report storm damaged trees please call 3-1-1 (or 905-615-4311 if outside of City limits).

For emergencies after regular business hours call 905-615-3000.
Damage to Private Property City Tree Maintenance
If private property has been damaged because of a City-owned tree, such as a fallen tree or branch, or as the result of work performed by staff, please file a claim with Risk Management online at

Please note this process is only for reporting damage to your private property.

For tree maintenance and fallen branches please contact 3-1-11 (or 905-615-4311 if outside of City limits). After regular business hours call 905-615-3000.
Maintenance work is performed after staff have conducted site inspections. Staff will recommend either tree pruning, removal or other necessary work. Only when trees are dead, in decline or structurally unsound are they are removed. In some instances, all City-owned trees located on a street or within a neighbourhood are pruned at one time to ensure proper clearance over the roadway or sidewalk.