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Cultivate a habit of kindness that goes beyond World Kindness Day

City services | November 13, 2023

World Kindness Day is on November 13. The day originated at a 1997 convention in Tokyo where participants pledged to build a kinder and more compassionate world. A lot has changed since 1997, but kindness and compassion will always remain.

If you have ever been the receiver of a small kind act, you know how large an effect it can have. And, if you have ever been purposefully kind or generous to a friend or a stranger, you know how good it feels.

Here are some inspiration on how you can instil kindness into your day:

  1. Take a moment to show kindness to our environment by picking up litter. Take a bag on your hikes or walks and pick up litter if you see it. You can also volunteer for the City’s Volunteer Litter Cleanup Program or organize a neighbourhood clean-up.
  2. Send an uplifting message to a family member or friend.
  3. Help older adults and people with physical disabilities by offering to clear snow and ice from their property this winter.
  4. Check in on nearby older adults to ensure they are keeping well. Offer to pick up their groceries, run an errand, or take them to appointments.
  5. Practise good driving etiquette by following all road rules and being patient when using roadways. Challenge yourself: can you regularly allow people to merge in front of you for a day, a week… longer?
  6. Compliment a co-worker.
  7. Start volunteering. The City offers volunteer opportunities in different service areas, including Animal Services, Culture, Libraries and MiWay transit.
  8. Donate your time to help local food banks.
  9. Donate to the Animal Services Shelter through the Animal Services Special Care For Animals and Resources Fund. These funds help provide extra veterinary care, shelter items, spay and neuter services and more.
  10. Consider adopting or fostering a pet – give a pet like a cat, dog or bunny a chance to experience unconditional love and find its forever home.
  11. Donate new and recent books, DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays to the library for their Friends of the Library sale. Make sure to contact the library before bringing items in.

The day is simply a prompt, a reminder for us all to think about being kind. Whether we give or receive these acts of kindness, we know it spreads. One action, smile, compliment or conversation can help spread kindness around our city and beyond.


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