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Keeping our Communities Safe: Mississauga Plans for the Future of Automated Speed Enforcement

City services | June 29, 2022

Today at General Committee, City staff brought forward a report to provide an update on Mississauga’s Automated Speed Enforcement Program. The report identified that a new by-law is required to allow Mississauga’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) speed cameras to operate under the City’s Administrative Penalty System – an existing system used to manage parking tickets. ASE uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help enforce speed limits in selected school area community safety zones. The Administrative Penalty System will allow the Provincial Offences matters to be moved to the municipality to make administering the ASE program more efficient. This ensures road safety objectives such as driving the speed limit and preventing collisions continue to be met.

“All offences issued through the ASE program are currently filed through the provincial court system. During the pandemic, all provincial court matters were delayed, causing significant backlogs. The Administrative Penalty System will streamline how we administer ASE,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation and Works. “Moving the speed camera offences to the Administrative Penalty System is an effective action we can take to expand the ASE program in the future.”

Since July 2021, 8,258 tickets have been issued in 35 camera locations. The highest ticketed speed was 77 km/h, nearly 50 km/h over the posted speed limit, on Darcel Avenue north of Wrenwood Crescent.

Wright added, “Speed camera data shows that ASE is an effective tool at reducing vehicle speeds and increasing speed limit compliance.”

The average reduction in speed is 8 km/h and there has been an average increase of 26 per cent in driver compliance with the speed limit.

More information about the ASE program, including a map of all active and future camera locations is available at Learn more about detailed ASE data since July 2021.

The report will go to Council for approval on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.


Since beginning the ASE program in July 2021, speed cameras have been used to enforce the speed limit at 35 locations. All 22 speed cameras are placed in 30 km/h school area community safety zones and are rotated to different school areas where speeding is an ongoing issue.

The ASE program is one of the 99 tools in the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan to help Mississauga reach its Vision Zero goal of zero fatal and serious collisions on the road network. In addition to the ASE cameras, the City has implemented several traffic calming measures like speed humps, lowered speed limits in neighbourhood streets and school zones and a crossing guard program to help students cross the road.

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