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Unleash the excitement of winter with these amazing outdoor activities in Mississauga

Entertainment and activities | January 17, 2024

From skating under the stars to sledding down tobogganing hills, Mississauga truly comes alive in the winter. Our city becomes a hub for exciting outdoor sports and activities. Whether you love adrenaline or looking for a more relaxed sporting experience, there are plenty of options to have fun and stay fit over the winter season.



One of the most popular winter sporting activities in Mississauga is skating. Old or young, Mississauga residents love to lace up their skates, put on their helmets and hit the ice. The City has several indoor rinks that offer skating lessons, free skates and more. Our community centres also provide hockey and skating programs for all ages and skill levels. Visit Active Mississauga to find a skating program that fits your needs.


Mississauga also has natural ice rinks in neighbourhood parks supported by community volunteers who maintain the natural ice surface. You will see a lot of children learning to skate or practicing their hockey skills on the ice. The City will open the new outdoor Port Credit Skating Loop, with a tentative opening date on January 19. In the downtown? Why not grab your skates and try the outdoor rink at Celebration Square. Skating is free and open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (holiday hours may vary). Skate rentals are available on-site.

Remember to stay off all frozen natural bodies of water in Mississauga – they aren’t safe in the winter. Although walking, skating, or playing hockey on the lake, ponds, rivers and creeks may look fun, they are unstable and dangerous. In addition to the risk of falling through the ice, it’s also against the City’s Parks By-law.


Snowshoeing might suit you if you’re looking for a more adventurous winter sport. Mississauga has many beautiful trails that are perfect for snowshoeing. Experience the serenity of the woods and the thrill of navigating through the snow-covered landscapes all winter.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is an active winter activity that many enjoy in Mississauga. The City has several parks and trails offering great skiing opportunities for beginners and experienced cross-country skiers. Typically any trail that isn’t maintained in winter (e.g. gravel or non paved trails) are great for cross-country skiing like Sawmill Valley Trail.


Try a winter walk or a hike if you prefer a more serene winter activity. A simple walk in the park can be a beautiful experience. Check out one of the City’s many parks and trails in your area. Enjoy the snow-covered trees, peaceful scenery and the cool crisp air! Try out the 2 km Lakeview Winter Walking Trail located at the Lakeview Golf Course.

Toboggan/sledding hill

Nothing makes you feel young and free like sliding down a hill on a toboggan! Mississauga has six toboggan hills for you to enjoy when the weather is right:

No matter what your winter sports preferences, skill level or interests are, Mississauga has activities for everyone to enjoy during the winter months. Find something to get you outdoors and stay active during the colder weather – it’s a great way to help care for your physical and mental health.

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