Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Bookmarked Tax Accounts
Access all your Tax Accounts in one place by adding an account to Bookmarked Tax Accounts.

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Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Residential Tax Info
Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Residential Tax Information
Find out more information, download forms and review tax rates online by visiting our Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Residential Tax page.
  Taxes & Assessment - Business
Residential Tax Information
Residential Tax Information - find out more information, download forms and review tax rates online by visiting our residential tax & assessment page.
  Residential Tax Information
Tax Self-Service

The Tax Self-Service Centre gives you access to a variety of online tax services, including the ability to purchase tax certificates and submit forms electronically. Users who previously accessed tax account information in the Planning & Building eServices Centre, can now find the same content - and much more.

A Personal Identification Number (Tax PIN) is required to access this information. A Tax PIN may be obtained from the Manage Tax PIN feature. To obtain a Tax PIN, you will need your Customer Number, which can be found in the upper-right corner of your most recent Mississauga Tax Bill.

Do you need help using our Tax Self-Service Centre? Download a sample tax bill:
  View Sample Tax Bill

All of the services listed below are available to property owners only, with the exception of Purchase Tax Certificate and View Tax & Assessment Information, which are available without restriction.

eBill  NEW! Effective with 2017 Interim Billing
This service allows you to register for eBill, manage your eBill subscription or view your property tax bill.
View Tax & Assessment Information
The City of Mississauga provides assessment and tax information to the public online. Properties can be looked up by address or roll number.
Manage Tax PIN
A Tax PIN is required to view your personal property tax information online.
View Tax Account Details
This service provides information on your Property Tax account. You can view your billing, taxes and assessment, account status, and transactions in a secure environment.
Bookmarked Tax Accounts
This feature allows you to bookmark your tax accounts and is available to registered eCity users.
Enrol - Preauthorized Payment Plan
You can enrol in the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) Plan online.
Change Tax Account Information
To make changes to your mailing address, name/ownership, mortgage company/agent information or your existing Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) Plan.
Purchase Tax Certificate
This service allows you to obtain a tax certificate showing the current tax status of a specified property. Users must be logged into the eCity portal to take advantage of this functionality.
Purchase Tax Receipt
This service allows you to purchase a tax receipt for your property. Users must be logged into the eCity portal to take advantage of this functionality.
Order History
View your applicable open and closed orders.
Digital Downloads
Access your digital downloads that you have received a shipping email confirmation for.
Download Tax Forms (PDF)
All forms can be downloaded to your computer in a PDF format. They forms must be printed, filled in by hand, and submitted to the Mississauga Tax Office. Please follow instructions on each form for submission procedures.
Contact Tax Department
For more information or assistance, please see the contact information link.