Property value assessment and tax calculation information

You can view assessment and tax information for properties in Mississauga online. Search for a property by address or roll number. A tax PIN is not required.

Information related to capping, business improvement area charges and locals improvement levies is not included.

View tax and assessment

You can also see property descriptions, owners, mailing address and value of a property in the City’s Property Assessment Rolls at the City Clerk’s Office at 300 City Centre Drive from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How your property value is assessed

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses the value of your residential or business property. You can get more information on how they assess your property’s value at

Assessment values are currently based on a January 1, 2016 value. If the assessment value for your property increases from the previous valuation, this increase is phased-in equally over the next four years.

For example, if your property value increases by a total of $100, then the Current Value Assessment (CVA) will increase $25 each year in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

How your taxes are calculated

The City of Mississauga determines your property tax based on the property value assessment provided by MPAC.

The City collects property taxes for the City of Mississauga, Region of Peel, and the Province of Ontario (for education).

Annually, the City and Region set a budget for services and infrastructure. Property taxes fund approximately 50 to 60% of the City’s and Region’s budget.

A tax rate is calculated to raise the funds identified in the budget on a city-wide basis.

The Province sets the education tax rate for all properties. The residential education tax rate is the same province-wide.

We’re not able to have different residential rates for each ward or for individual properties. We’re also not able to adjust tax rates for municipal or education services that an individual property or taxpayer does not use.

Appeal assessment of property value

If you disagree with MPAC’s classification or assessment of your property, please contact MPAC directly at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) with a Request for Reconsideration (RFR).

Businesses can appeal to the Assessment Review Board (ARB); an independent tribunal of the Province of Ontario without making a Request for Reconsideration.

The deadline to appeal can be found on the Property Assessment Notice you received from MPAC.

Adjusting your tax account

The City can only adjust your property tax account upon receiving notification of a decision from MPAC or the ARB about any change in the value and/or classification of your property.

Appeals received for the current year

The City can only process appeal decisions related to the current year once Council has established the tax rate for the year. If the City receives an appeal decision for the current year before the final taxes have been levied using the new rate, we will hold the appeal to be processed after the billing takes place.

To avoid any penalty or interest charges, we recommend that you continue to pay your taxes while your appeal is in progress.


Adjustments resulting from a completed appeal can be credited towards future taxes or refunded to the current owner.

The City will only grant refunds to a previous owner/applicant if a valid letter of direction is received from the current owner of the property.

A refund fee will apply as stated in the City’s Fees and Charges By-law.

Sale of property

If you are selling your property while your appeal is under consideration, ensure your lawyer provides for the adjustment of any taxes after the closing date.