Tax payments made in error

If you’ve mistakenly paid taxes for the wrong property, you can request a refund or transfer of your full payment by completing a taxpayer indemnity agreement form.

You may have:

  • Made an online payment to a property you no longer own (after the sale date)
  • Submitted a postdated cheque for a property you no longer own
  • Made a payment using an incorrect roll number

How to request a refund or transfer

You’ll need to complete the Taxpayer Indemnity Agreement and Direction Form and provide a photo or scan of proof of your incorrect payment.

  • Tax receipt
  • Cancelled cheque
  • Receipt from financial institution
  • Bank statement
  • Copy of the cheque (front and back)
  • Stamped tax bill

Proof of payment must contain the payment date, payment amount, payee name (Mississauga Taxes or City of Mississauga), payer name and the name of your financial institution.

You may wish to black out private information such as a bank account number, or transactions and balances.

The taxpayer who made the incorrect payment must sign and date both pages of the form. If you’re using a power of attorney, the relevant documents must also be submitted.

For corporations or organizations, an individual who has the authority to bind the corporation may sign the form.

You can send us your form and proof of incorrect payment in the following ways:

Via email

Send your form and proof to

By mail or fax

Submit your form and proof to:

City of Mississauga Tax Office
Mississauga Civic Centre
300 City Centre Drive, 4th Floor
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

Or fax to the attention of ‘Tax Accounting’ at 905-615-3532.

Via drop box

Leave us your form and proof in a sealed envelope, in the drop box located outside the Civic Centre, to the right of the North Entrance on Princess Royal Drive, or in the drop box located at the Cashier’s Desk on the ground floor.

If you were the property owner

If you were the owner of the property at the time you incorrectly paid the property’s taxes, you don’t need to complete the form. However, you’ll need to send us a written request to refund or transfer your money, from the current owner of the property, sent via email, mail, fax or placed in our drop box.

If you also own the property you wish to transfer the payment to, you’ll still need to send us a written request to transfer the money.

You can also check your Statement of Adjustments, provided by your lawyer upon closing, to confirm if the payment was included in the adjustments. If the payment was not included, you can contact your lawyer to complete a readjustment of the property taxes.

Fees and how long it takes

If you choose to have your payment refunded, we’ll deduct a fee of $30.

If you choose to transfer your payment to another property within Mississauga, a $40 fee will apply. We’ll send a payment request to the address of the property where the payment is being transferred.

Both of these fees are stated in the City of Mississauga’s Fees and Charges by-law.

Your request will be processed in approximately 10 business days of us receiving all of the required documents.