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Burnhamthorpe Community Centre renovation

During the redevelopment work and construction at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, the facility will be closed (effective March 21, 2021). Get the latest updates about the project’s impact and progress.

Programming changes

While the building remains closed during construction, many services will continue to be available to the community at nearby community centres such as Mississauga Valley Community Centre and Frank McKechnie Community Centre, Applewood Outdoor Pool, and Tomken Twin Arena.

Construction-related disruptions

Ongoing work that residents in the area may notice include soil compaction, trenching, concrete finishing and crane work. There will be a generator on site starting August 2022 to maintain the power on site while electrical upgrades to the building are completed. There will be some additional noise during the day and overnight due to the generator running for the remainder of September 2022.

See the designs and plans for the new Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, and view photos that show the project’s progress.

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