Completed in 2019 City project

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The City periodically conducts a Citizen Satisfaction Survey to better understand overall citizen perceptions and attitudes on a range of issues and topics related to the City, including overall quality of life in Mississauga.


The Citizen Satisfaction Survey is an important decision-making tool for both City Staff and Council. It provides key insight into citizen’s sentiments and opinions on a wide range issues, including many of the programs and services that the City supports and delivers. It also allows the City to monitor and review trends over time to understand how citizen needs and perceptions are changing and how they impact their overall satisfaction.

2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey project is complete and the results are in. Mississauga continues to be a great place to call home:

  • 89% rated the overall quality of life as excellent or good
  • 90% agreed that Mississauga is an ‘Open and Welcoming’ community
  • 88% indicated they are ‘Proud to say they are from Mississauga’
  • 77% agree that Mississauga is moving in the right direction to ensure it is a dynamic and beautiful global city
  • 72% continue to be satisfied with the City’s municipal government

What research methodology was used for this survey?

This survey was conducted using a CATI methodology of randomly selected Mississauga residents aged 18 years and older. In total, 1,124 interviews were conducted across all eleven Mississauga wards.The survey results are weighted by ward, age and gender and are therefore representative of the population. The survey was conducted from June 3 to June 22, 2019. The results have a margin of error of +/-3%, 19 times out of 20.

When will the next survey be conducted?

Generally the Citizen Satisfaction Survey is conducted every two years. The next survey is scheduled for 2021.

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