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Inspiration Lakeview

See the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Inspiration Lakeview project, the Lakeview Local Area Plan Review, and Lakeview Legacy Project.

What is the difference between “Inspiration Lakeview” and the “Lakeview Local Area Plan Review” that began in 2009?

Inspiration Lakeview is focusing on the OPG site and adjacent business employment lands as the main study area. The Lakeview Local Area Plan Review is examining land use policies for the larger Lakeview Planning District which generally extends north to the Queensway, east to the Etobicoke Creek, south to Lake Ontario, and west to Cawthra Road or Seneca Avenue (for lands south of the railway).

How will the “Inspiration Lakeview” and the “Lakeview Local Area Plan Review” relate to each other?

The lands being examined by “Inspiration Lakeview” are a subset of the broader Lakeview Community. The Lakeview Local Area Plan, will recognize the lands as an important component to achieving the vision for the community, however, any new land use designations on the OPG site and Business Employment lands will be determined through the “Inspiration Lakeview” project and associated implementation studies. There are a number of official plan policy issues in the broader Lakeview District that can be addressed now and it is important to continue the planning for this area.

Is there any overlap between “Inspiration Lakeview” and the “Local Area Plan”?

The staff and consultants undertaking “Inspiration Lakeview” are in contact with staff undertaking the Local Area Plan, in order to ensure both processes inform each other. The City will clearly indicate when holding public meetings whether the topic deals with the broader Local Area Plan or the more site specific Inspiration Lakeview properties.

What role does the Provincial government have in this study?

The Honourable Minister of Provincial Parliament, Charles Sousa, who represents Mississauga South, is engaged in the study. He is actively supporting the work that Inspiration Lakeview is carrying out and will continue to assist us in working with the Province of Ontario.

What about the Region of Peel sewage treatment plant?

The sewage treatment plant is an active plant servicing the broader Region of Peel. It is a reality of the site and will need to be considered in the final plan. The Region of Peel is participating in the process and all opportunities and constraints will be reviewed for addressing the plant.

Where does the Lakeview Legacy Project stand?

The Lakeview Legacy Project has excellent guiding principles. We are going to take it further and compliment the Lakeview Legacy Project by developing a more broadly endorsed plan. The community and the Lakeview Legacy Group are working with the City and the consultants. We will build on this energy.


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