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Minister Allows Developer to Increase Lakeview Village Density

On May 12, 2023, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued an Enhanced Minister’s Zoning Order (EMZO) to permit increased density and other changes for the Lakeview Village development – one of Mississauga’s most important waterfront sites. An EMZO is a tool, permitted under the Planning Act, which allows the Minister to change the use of land, buildings or structures anywhere in Ontario. The City cannot appeal an EMZO.

Developer’s request

Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), the development group behind Lakeview Village, asked the Minister to issue the EMZO to increase density on the site. Some of changes permitted by the EMZO include:

  • Doubling the number of units on the site from 8,050 to 16,000
  • Permitting unlimited heights for most of the development (with the exception of waterfront facing buildings where heights are limited to 10-storeys) and larger floor plates for towers
  • Reduced amenity areas and landscape
  • Eliminating site plan control which the City uses to ensure that a development is well designed, fits in with the surrounding uses and minimizes any negative impacts
City’s response

The City is not supportive of the EMZO. In our report to the Planning and Development Committee, staff outlined several significant concerns, including:

  • Transportation impacts: Doubling the number of units will create significant challenges for road capacity given Lakeshore Road East is the only access point for the entire site. Additional transit service will also be required to support the increased population.
  • School capacity: The size of the urban school planned for Lakeview Village is not large enough to accommodate the increased number of children.
  • Air emissions quality: The request for unlimited height may pose a health and safety risk as studies show emissions released from the G.E. Booth wastewater treatment facility smoke stack may impact residential units above a certain height.
  • Noise levels: The EMZO request includes permissions for a long-term care facility within the Innovation Corridor employment lands adjacent to G.E. Booth; noise studies show that noise levels are above those permissible for sensitive uses.

Mississauga is not opposed to density but when we build, we want thoughtful, well-planned, complete communities. The City has committed to meeting the province’s housing target through our housing plan, Growing Mississauga. The increased density at Lakeview Village is not required for Mississauga to meet its housing targets.

Next steps

The City is working with Ministry staff to review the implications of the EMZO and any impacts on surrounding properties and development applications.

  • Council is calling on the province to ensure the infrastructure and services needed to support the increased density are in place before residents move in.
  • A Provincial Land Development Facilitator will be assigned to work with the City to develop community benefits and ensure appropriate development controls are put in place for the site.
  • Staff will work with the province’s facilitator to negotiate the important community benefits this area needs to thrive such as affordable housing, transit, roads, schools, fire stations and other services.

City staff will report back to Council when more information is received including the mandate letter for Provincial Land Development Facilitator.


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