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Redeveloping Paul Coffey Park

Phase 1 is the redevelopment of Malton’s largest community park.

Building on the Paul Coffey Park Master Plan, the redevelopment of Paul Coffey Park will provide new amenities and refresh existing ones.

The completed park goals are the following:

  • Create a flexible, inclusive, vibrant social gathering space for the community of Malton.
  • Provide active recreational uses designed to be accompanied by a programmable event spaces.
  • Enhance the park’s existing natural heritage with green infrastructure and low impact development techniques.

Construction timeline and stages

Construction is expected to start in spring 2024 and will be completed in December 2025. During this time, some areas will be closed, and access to the park may change. Maps are provided to understand the expected impact on park amenities due to construction.

Expected closures and access for 2024

Map that shows closures and changes to access points at Paul Coffey Park during construction in 2024

Expected closures and access for 2025

Map that shows closures and changes to access points at Paul Coffey Park during construction in 2025

Questions and answers

The new park will include the following features and amenities:

  • Trail loop
  • Vehicle entrances and circulation routes
  • Specialty pavements and tree plantings
  • Open lawn areas
  • Streetscape improvements
  • Civic plaza
  • Adventure playground expansion
  • Splash pad
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Professional Court Parking lot and Connector Drive
  • Family Picnic Area with new washroom pavilion and playground
  • Arena parking lot
  • Park entrances
  • Skate/scooter park
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Cricket pitch
  • Cricket batting cage
  • Flight Garden

The following will be open to the public during the redevelopment:

  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Bocce courts
  • Soccer field
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Cricket field (closed for 2025 season)
  • South picnic area and playground

The total park area is approximately 45.5 hectares (112.4 acres).

Paul Coffey Park (P059) – Phase 1 includes the following environmentally sustainable features:

  • A variety of porous paving materials, granite chips, artificial grass and sod to aid in groundwater infiltration
  • Parking lot Bio-swales
  • Drip irrigation
  • Plant material consisting of drought-tolerant, salt tolerant, non-invasive and native materials to provide habitat, diversity and shade to the park and to represent the original Southern Ontario Deciduous forest
  • LED light fixtures
  • A multi-use trail connection along with bike racks, with connections to transit in support of Active Transportation
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