In progress Environmental assessment

Lisgar District pumping stations study

A study to determine future pumping station(s) within the Lisgar District to reduce the potential for basement water infiltration.

The City is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to determine the number, preferred location(s) and type(s) of Pumping Stations within the Lisgar District to reduce the potential for basement water infiltration.

Multiple locations for and Foundation Drain Collector (FDC) pumping stations will be considered by the Project Team to develop a long list of alternatives. These alternatives will be evaluated against various criteria, including technical assessments, and refined through stakeholder and public consultation.

Public Information Centre and Town Hall

The City held a Public Information Centre for the Lisgar Pumping Station EA and Town Hall on November 17, 2021. This meeting provided an update on ongoing monitoring and works in the Lisgar District, shared information related to the EA study and allowed an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to ask questions. The presentation slides and comment form for the Public Information Centre and Town Hall are available to the public below.

Please provide your input and/or submit your comment form by December 1, 2021.

Project documents


A number of homes in the Lisgar District have experienced water seeping into their basements following certain rainfall events. In response, the City undertook a number of actions, including the initiation of the Lisgar District Basement Water Infiltration Investigation, which recommended a set of preferred actions to be strategically undertaken to address the potential for basement water infiltration.

Foundation Drain Collector Sump Pump Subsidy Program

A sump pump subsidy program has been established to assist homeowners that are located on streets serviced by the municipal foundation drain collector (FDC) system. Installation of a sump pump will provide homeowners with an additional safeguard against basement water infiltration.

Learn more about theĀ FDC Sump Pump Subsidy program.

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