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Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive Integrated Road Project

The City intends to implement road improvements on Rathburn Road East from Dixie Road to Etobicoke Creek and Ponytrail Drive from Rathburn Road East to Burnhamthorpe Road East.

Project overview

Map of Rathburn Road East from Dixie Road to Etobicoke Creek and Ponytrail Drive from Rathburn Road East to Burnhamthorpe Road East.

The Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive Integrated Road Project includes various operational improvements for both road corridors including pavement rehabilitation, safety, drainage, noise wall, cycling and intersection improvements as shown on the preliminary design concept. The proposed improvements will support the City’s Vision Zero initiative to reduce serious injuries by prioritizing the safety and access of our most vulnerable road users.  It will also support a successful, vibrant and active community with a reliance on a range of transportation modes including walking, cycling, transit and vehicles.

Project update

The preliminary design phase is now complete with public participation being an important part of the process. Throughout this phase, the City made contact with various agencies and members of the community, and considered their opinions to develop the preliminary design concept.

In an effort to confirm the preferred design concept and at the request of the public last year, the Project Team made the decision to extend the consultation period. As a result, completion of the preliminary design was delayed resulting in a delay to the commencement of the detailed design phase and subsequent construction.

The City is currently undertaking the detailed design phase. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2023.

  1. 1
    Preliminary design phase: February 2022 (Completed)

    Complete studies and assessments and carry out public consultations. In addition, select and approve the preferred design concept.

  2. 2
    Detailed design phase: Spring 2022 to Summer 2023

    Complete field investigations and property acquisitions, secure all required permits and approvals and finalize the design and preparation of the tender ready package.

  3. 3
    Commencement of construction: Summer 2023

    Implement the proposed improvements, including pavement rehabilitation and construction of new cycling facilities, pedestrian crossings, drainage infrastructure, noise walls, transit infrastructure, traffic signals and street lighting upgrades and intersection improvements.

In 2022, the City will advance the design and complete the following:

  • The City will be conducting Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Investigations for pavement design and drainage works.
  • The City will be conducting a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment to fulfill the requirements for on-site and excess soil management.
  • The City will be conducting Foundation Investigation for the installation of the Noise Walls.
  • The City will move forward to fulfill the property acquisition requirements for the installation of the Noise Walls at the intersection of Rathburn Road East and Fieldgate Drive.
  • Permits and Approvals will be secured from all affected agencies, including but not limited to Utility Companies (PUCC), Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI), and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

Project resources

Frequently asked questions

The various planned improvements for Rathburn Road East and Ponytrail Drive all supported by current City plans and policies. In particular, the project is seeking to advance the City’s Vision Zero policy and reduce serious injuries by prioritizing the safety and access of our most vulnerable road users.

The City has planned for road resurfacing along Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive as part of the Annual Resurfacing program. This has provided an opportunity to identify and implement various safety improvements along the road corridors including new pedestrian crossings, new cycling facilities and intersection improvements. The bundling of these projects into a single construction contract will reduce the overall construction cost of the improvements and the nuisance/fatigue for local residents.

The construction schedule for the project has not yet been finalized; however, the City anticipates construction will commence in 2023.

The City has adopted a Pest Control Program that will be implemented on medium and large construction projects. The Project Team anticipates that pest control measures provided for in this program will also be implemented for as the Rathburn Road Integrated Road Project.

The pedestrian crossing improvements proposed by the Project Team at the Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive Integrated Road Project are as follows:

  1. Rathburn Road / Rockwood Road – New signalized intersection.
  2. Rathburn Road/ORT #11(Hydro Corridor) – New signalized pedestrian crossing facility.
  3. Ponytrail Drive/ Shaver Trail – New signalized pedestrian crossing facility.
  4. Rathburn Road / Tapestry Trail – New uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facility.
  5. Rathburn Road / Bough Beeches – Upgrade intersection to all way stop controlled.
  6. Rathburn Road / Garnetwood Chase- New uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facility.

The alternatives for a roundabout and a conventional intersection were considered during the study. The roundabout alternative was not preferred primarily as it would have greater direct impact to existing private properties due to the larger footprint associated with a roundabout. Also when reviewing the overall life cycle cost of a potential roundabout, it was considered to be less economically desirable compared to a conventional intersection due to the implementation costs including construction, design, and utility relocations.


No changes to the existing parking bylaws are proposed. Parking bays will be provided east of Garnetwood Chase on Rathburn Road East up the cul-de-sac as shown on the preliminary preferred design plan. Parking will continue to be prohibited on the cul-de-sac.

Concerns regarding cycling access to the Etobicoke Creek trail from Rathburn Road East has been noted. While this is outside the scope of the Integrated Road Project, the Project Team has passed these concerns along to the City’s Community Services Group who are responsible for the City’s trail network.

Yes. Bike Racks will be provided at the following locations:

  1. End of Rathburn Road Cul-de-Sac.
  2. Garnetwood Park.
  3. 1891 Rathburn Road Plaza.

Yes, there has been collisions in the study area; collision and loss of life data are on file with the Peel Regional Police.

Snow removal on the planned cycling infrastructure will be maintained by the City.

Noise walls are being considered at the following locations:

  1. Along both sides of Rathburn Road E from just west of Fieldgate Dr to the hydro corridor.
  2. On east side of Ponytrail Drive from Rathburn Road to Burnhamthorpe Road.
  3. On west side of Ponytrail Drive from Maple Ridge Road to Burnhamthorpe Road.

The City will only proceed with construction of new noise walls with the agreement of the property owners directly impacted by the work. City Staff will be reaching out to these property owners during the detail design phase to provide additional details and to confirm their support for the work.

Subject to support from the impacted property owners, the Project Team anticipate construction of the noise walls would be completed in conjunction with the other road improvements planned for the area (Also see Question 2).

The City’s current traffic calming policy only provides for the installation of traffic calming devices on local and minor collector roadways. Rathburn Road East and Ponytail Drive are classified as a major collector roadway and therefore is not suitable for physical traffic calming measures due to potential negative impact on traffic movement and safety. However, the Project Team anticipates that the introduction of other design features such as reduced lanes and lane widths will promote speed reduction in the study area.

Physical changes to the turning lanes at the Burnhamthorpe and Ponytrail intersection is outside the scope of the Rathburn Road Integrated Project. However, a review of the signal timing be completed as part of the detail design phase of the project to optimize traffic operations at the intersection.

The Integrated Road Project was carried out as a ‘Schedule A+’ project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015), which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Project contact details 

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