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Family fun

As we look forward to participating in programs in-person again, the City of Mississauga Recreation team has provided these fun and easy virtual activities you can do at home. We hope these virtual activities inspire, encourage, and help you and your family stay positive while having fun, keeping safe, being active, and creative.

Things to do: 28 days of February

Make it a goal to try one activity per day. Check it off once completed.

Craft: Door Hanger

Personalise this pretty door hanger.

Activity page: Heart maze

Have fun “following” your heart in and out!

DIY Watercolour Cards

This fun and easy craft can be customised for any holiday or occasion.

Craft: Heart paper chain

A simple craft with beautiful results. Decorate with a paper heart chain.

Colouring page: Owls in love

Make this cute picture colourful and bright.

Craft: Paper bag puppets

Entertain your family with a puppet show! Make your own puppets.

Craft activity: Ballet Scrunchie

Make this lovely accessory for your hair.

Activity page: Dot-to-dot heart

Connect the numbers and see what appears. Colour and post your artwork.

Craft: Woven basket heart

Fill your basket heart with treats, trinkets or heart-shaped cookies.

Colouring page: Valentines bear

After colouring this cute bear, give it away to someone you love.

Craft: Snow globes

Fun and easy to create.

Activity page: Dot-to-dot bear hug

Complete and colour this cute bear and heart.

Craft: Heart bookmark

Make a cute bookmark to give away or keep.

Create: An in-house Valentine’s mailbox

Send encouraging messages to everyone in your house. Help foster caring communication with a “from my heart” mailbox!

Craft activity: Heart templates

Print and trace on coloured paper. These hearts can be used for lots of paper arts & crafts.

Two large rounded hearts

Supersize full-page heart

12 cute hearts

6 tall heart shapes

4 large heart landscape




Easy Chocolate Chip Muffins

Always a favourite with the whole family.

Garlic-Herb Bread

A great side with spaghetti, soup, or on its own.

Stuffed Pizza Rolls

A fun lunch idea!

Peach and Orange Milkshake

A splash of summer taste in the middle of winter.

Valentine’s Shortbread Kisses

Simple-to-make valentine’s day cookies

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate and fruit shared with love


Homemade Hot Chocolate

Mmmmmm hot chocolate!

Peanut Butter Muffins

Super treat for kids and parents!

Dusty Rose Punch

A delicious punch to share.






Games are a favourite activity to enjoy any time of day! Some games are tried and true while others may be brand new! The fun never ends when we play together.

I Love You Game

Try this challenge then scroll down to find the answers.  “I love you” is part of every culture’s love language.

Dots And Squares Paper Game

Print the dot template and begin

Dots and Squares paper game template

GOLF Card Game

Fun for the whole family.

Games With Marbles

A game with endless possibilities to sharpen your accuracy skills.

Hide and Seek Game

Kids never tire of playing this game.

Obstacle Course

Make it a family day challenge!

Kick It race

A fun race activity with some family-friendly competition.

I Love You Game ANSWERS

See how many you got right. Learn how to say “I love you” in another language.

Enjoy the crisp winter air and our free fun skate programs at our outdoor rinks

To find out when and where you can skate on one of our supervised outdoor rinks, visit our skating and hockey webpage


Find safe outdoor winter activities to enjoy and keep active.

Mississauga Library offers online resources, programs, and collections while locations remain open only for contactless pickup (by appointment). The library engages residents in a variety of ways that offer value, inspiration, and a strong connection to the community. Our program staff has gathered a variety of activities and resources for you and your family to explore while staying safe at home this Family Day.

February Early Literacy Calendar

The early literacy calendar introduces daily literacy-building activities to share with your child every day.

View the entire 2021 Early Literacy Calendar

Early Literacy Videos

Watch educational and informative videos that cover the early literacy skills that can help children get ready to read: playing, reading, singing, talking, and writing.


Family stories are available over the telephone. Call 905-615-3500 and choose option 1 to be connected to Dial-A-Story. Listen to stories in English, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Polish, and Urdu.

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 6

Family game night has never been so loud and active.

Let’s race: Egg On A Spoon

Get ready for some egg-cellent fun!

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 5

Here we go again! How fast can you get a bingo?

Sports activity: Keep Up Challenge

See how many times you can hit the ball without dropping or letting it touch the floor

Active game: Balloon POP

Who can pop the balloon first with only their feet?

Sports activity: Paper Football

Play a mini-game with this handmade version of paper football.

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 4

Are you ready for BINGO number 4? Bigger and better challenges for summer fun

Active game: Balloon & Plastic Cup Race

An energetic, competitive race enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Active game: Tic-Tac-Flip

A unique twist to this traditional game

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 3

Here’s the third edition of Bingo you won’t want to miss. New activities to enjoy or challenge yourself to complete in record time.

Active game: Hanging Donut Game

A”no hands allowed” game. Who will finish their donut first?

Active game: Hungry Hungry Humans Game

A fast and fun game to play at home.

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 2

Did you enjoy the first BINGO activity? This one’s even more fun. Don’t forget to shout BINGO really loud!

Sports activity: Indoor bowling

Before recycling your plastic bottles, use them for a family bowling night.

Active game: Indoor Basketball

Create a miniature basketball court with an egg carton, straws, empty fruit cup, and pompoms. Practice shooting from different angles to develop accuracy, fine-motor, and hand-eye coordination.

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO 1

This game will keep everyone moving and working as a team. Organize your team so everyone gets to play and contribute to the goal to complete. Lots of activities, opportunities, and alone or together. Remember to shout BINGO!

Active game: “I spy with my little eye” scavenger hunt

Challenge yourself or play as a family. Think of ways to add a twist like set a time limit, pick a hunt room, or take the game outdoors.

Sports activity: Tabletop hockey

Score some fun with this activity you can play at the kitchen or dining room table.

Sports activity: Toilet Paper Challenge

Test your balance, agility, and coordination with a household object you wouldn’t have guessed you’d have this much fun with! Get ready to challenge yourself or others in your house or online. If you post a challenge online, be sure to include #StayHomeStayActive #toiletpaperchallenge

Toilet Paper Challenge

Toilet Paper Challenge while holding a baby

Sports activity: Indoor basketball

Adapt your child’s favourite outdoor sports games to be indoor friendly. Get ready for plenty of sweaty fun.

Sports Activity: Indoor Figure Skating

Clear an area on your floor, grab your hat and mittens and pretend you’re gliding across the ice.

Colouring activity: Child, Dog & Soccerball

Relax with this quiet, colouring activity.

Craft project: Sock Monsters

Make new friends with old socks.

Colouring activity: Summer Fun

Colouring improves our mood, enhances mindfulness and is a relaxing activity.

Creative activity: Shadow Puppet Show

Make this puppet show a real show-stopper!

Craft project: Flower creations with household items

Using items found around the house, create a beautiful flower project.

Colouring activity: Osprey Marsh

Colour and find out more about this natural area 

Craft project: Coffee Filter Butterfly

Create beautiful butterflies

Musical activity: Sound Experiment

An easy experiment and instrument to make at home

Colouring activity: Dog with a kite outdoors

Art project: Marble Phone Case

Create and sport your custom one of a kind case.

Craft project: Peter the Parrot

DIY pet parrot.

Colouring activity: South Common Community Centre and Library

Do you know where this community centre and the library is located in Mississauga?

Art project: Homemade Lava Lamps

You’ll never believe what’s going to happen!

Art project: Household Object Drawing

Find an object in your house that inspires you to use your imagination.

Colouring activity: Celebration Square

We all look forward to when we can visit Celebration Square again. Colour it, post it and tell us what you are looking forward to once we can safely visit the square again #StayHomeStayActive.

Art project: Tie-Dye

Make a fashion statement with this colourful activity.

Colouring activity: Rattray Marsh

This 94-acre natural conservation area in Mississauga is home to a variety of wildlife and plants. Go for a walk and colour your own memory of this beautiful marsh. Learn more here

Art project: Skittles Rainbow

Make your own rainbow with Skittles candy, a plate and some water.

Musical activity: Family Karaoke Night

Enjoy this fun activity as a family and give everyone a chance to show off their talents and love for music.

Art project: Timmy the Turtle

This cute activity is easy to do and when finished, fun to play with too.

Art project: Grass Caterpillar

Create your own grass caterpillar that you can leave on your windowsill, or put in your garden.

Colouring activity: BraeBen Golf Course

Did you know Braeben Golf Course is located on the highest point of land in Mississauga? Colour the location and draw yourself making an amazing putt. Find out more about this unique golf course in our city

Colouring activity: Lake Aquitaine

Do you know where Lake Aquitaine is in Mississauga? Colour this scene and draw yourself enjoying the view. Check out where you can find this beautiful man-made lake and trails here.

Art project: Nature Name Art

Find bits and pieces of nature and spell out your name. Post your natural art piece using #StayhomeStayActive

Colouring activity: Kariya Park

Get ready with your coloured pencils, markers and crayons to colour your very own Kariya Park or draw a picture of a cherry blossom tree. We want to see your design so why not post it! Don’t forget to include #StayHomeStayActive

The City of Mississauga’s beautiful cherry blossoms in Kariya Park is expected to be in full bloom in the coming weeks. Although we won’t be able to visit in person, we can admire the blossoming trees via the City’s new blossom webcam.

Watch the virtual experience here

Art project: Art with ordinary objects

What artful masterpiece can you create with a pair of scissors, a paperclip, a spoon or a shoelace? Let your imagination go wild and create unique art with ordinary objects.

Finding a way: Basketball Maze

How fast can you complete this activity? Can you see your way through the maze before you mark it with your pencil? Can you do it backwards?

Start fizzing: Bubbly Bath Fizzies

Make bath time more fun with colourful homemade bath fizzies.

Word search: Summer

Give your brain a boost with this word search puzzle.

Learning lab:  Strawberry DNA

Make this lab experiment and discover facts about DNA.

Sensory activity: Cloud Dough

This is a delightful activity for young children. Older children can help make the dough for a younger sibling.

Thinking game: Who Am I?

Practice your questioning, answering and thinking skills with this game

Test your sensory skills: Guess The Food

Taste is one of our five senses. Make this game a taste test.

Challenge yourself: Giant Tic Tac Toe

“Go big or go home” as the saying goes…

From seed to plant: Garden Starter

Grow plants from seeds found in your vegetables.

Fun with words: Classification

How many words can you think of before time runs out?

Connect the numbers: Butterfly Activity Sheet

Connect the numbers and colour the picture. It’s a thinking challenge and a relaxing colouring activity for lots of fun while you stay at home.

Learn more: LitterBug Activity Pages

Learn how you can be a planet protector with these fun activities.

Outdoor activity: I Spy Nature

Discover nature in your own backyard or around your neighbourhood.

Try this: Making Words

See how many words you can make out with only a few letters.

Word search: Spring

Search for words that reminds us that spring, nice weather and playing outside has arrived!

Make your own: Stop Motion Video

You can make your own movie – it’s easier than you think!

Create: An Origami hat

Origami comes from the Japanese words: “ori” (root verb “oru”), meaning to fold, and “kami”, meaning paper. Have fun with this paper folding activity and follow the detailed instruction with pictures.

Make: Your own Ocean

Find out how you can create an ‘ocean’ with very simple ingredients.

Build your own: Time capsule

Remember this moment with a keepsake to look back on. Build your own time capsule on your own or as a family.

Challenge activity: Puzzle piece hunt

This challenging activity will get kids moving and their brains working at the same time; Return each piece to the puzzle board, build a jigsaw puzzle, discover a secret message or solve a math problem.

Recipe: Peanut Butter S’Mores

A campfire favourite

Recipe: Shortbread Cookies

Try this favourite, traditional cookie.

Recipe: Chocolate Brownies

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream for a special treat.

Recipe: Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies

Easy to make, good to eat!

Recipe: Oreo Truffles

A tasty chocolate treat

Recipe: Cinnamon Crisps

These are simple to make and great with ice cream or applesauce.

Recipe: Making Ice Cream

Oh yum!

Recipe: Pancake Cereal

Try this new trend where mini pancakes become a breakfast cereal.

Recipe: Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Put some colourful fun into your next grilled cheese sandwich.

Recipe: Frozen Banana Cereal Pops

A delicious “anytime” snack!

Recipe: Pizza Monkey Bread

A quick and easy recipe for a tasty snack.

Recipe: Tex Mex dip

An easy snack to make and share with your family.

Recipe: Chocolate Cupcake Surprise

Everyone’s favourite chocolate cupcakes!

Recipe: Pita Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Here’s an easy recipe that kids will enjoy making and eating.

Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Gather around as a family to bake and enjoy these yummy muffins.

Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Pinwheels

Enjoy this delicious recipe for breakfast or anytime throughout the day as a snack!

Recipe: Pancake muffins

Kids will enjoy making these fun and simple muffins. Get creative with the toppings, make a few extra to give away or freeze some to eat later.

Recipe: Favourite Pink Smoothie

You are going to love this delicious smoothie!

Recipe: Egg-in-a-hole french toast grilled cheese

This is a yummy sandwich that can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Make this as a special treat anytime.