Excavation shoring approval process

  1. Submit a new building permit request in ePlans. For more information on how to submit, check ePlans help and support.
  2. Upload the following documents into ePlans as a new project:
  3. Your application will be reviewed by City staff from the relevant departments. Staff will coordinate with the Public Utilities Coordination Committee (PUCC) to get their approval, if it applies to your request.
  4. After you receive PUCC approval, you’ll be able to complete an “applicant resubmit” task in ePlans. Your project status report will include instructions to contact Realty Services for an encroachment agreement if applicable for your project.
  5. Once the encroachment agreement is complete (if applicable), upload a copy into ePlans and complete the applicant resubmit task.
  6. Your permit will be issued once City staff have approved.

The Excavation Shoring Approval Flow Chart also outlines the approval process.