Apply for a plan of condominium

Changes to fee payments

As of January 1, 2023 you will no longer be able to pay for your application fees by cheque. View the pay fees information below for more details.

If you’re planning a condominium development, you must first determine what category of condo you’re applying for:

  • Standard or phased
  • Common element
  • Vacant land
  • Leasehold

You must also make sure you comply with any requirements related to zoning, parking, existing building permits or land transfer.

If you have a related site plan application, it may need to be approved before you apply for condominium registration. We’ll confirm exactly which requirements you need during the pre-application process.

Types of condominiums and requirements

Standard condominium

Consists of buildings that are subdivided into units that include exclusive use areas and common elements. Exclusive use areas can include patios, balconies, driveways associated with a unit. Common elements include hallways, recreational facilities, exterior lighting, walkways and visitor parking areas.

Phased condominium

Phased condo developments are standard condominiums that are registered in phases under one condominium corporation. These types of condos are developed in stages, and increase in size until the project is complete.

Requirements and approvals

Standard or phased condominiums include brand new builds, as well as buildings that are converted from other uses. Standard condominiums can be used for residential or non-residential purposes.

Check these guides for detailed information about the documents you need to submit for each type of standard condominium:

A common element condominium is comprised only of common elements such as a road, visitor parking spaces, grounds and walkways that belong to all owners. The units are attached to the condominium as parcels of tied land (POTLs) but don’t form part of the condominium corporation.

For detailed information about the documents you need to submit for this type of condominium development, check the common element condominium guide.

These type of condominiums are vacant lots upon which residential units are built. They share common elements like roads.

For detailed information about the documents you need to submit for this type of condominium development, check the vacant land condominium guide.

Leasehold condominiums are built on long term leased land. They share common elements including hallways, recreational facilities, exterior lighting, walkways, driveways, and visitor parking areas.

Online application process

1. Create account and submit pre-application meeting request

Start by creating an ePlans account if you haven’t already. Then log into ePlans and follow the steps to submit your pre-application meeting request with the Development Application Review Committee (DARC). This step also includes uploading your draft condominium plan.

Once we receive your pre-application meeting request, we’ll review the drawings and documents you’ve submitted, tell you what additional information is required, or any changes that should be made.

All feedback will also be available for you to view in ePlans.

2. Submit a condominium development application request

When you’re ready to submit your application, log into ePlans and follow the steps to create a condominium development application request and pay the administration fee.

Shortly after submitting your request, you’ll receive an email that includes your temporary project number and an invitation to upload the required drawings and documents.

3. Prescreen review

After you upload the drawings and documents, we’ll do a prescreen review to ensure the requirements are met. This usually takes three to five business days.

If we still need more information, we’ll email you. All prescreen corrections will need to be made by you in order to move ahead with the application process.

4. Pay fees

After the prescreen review, you will receive an email to pay your fees. To ensure there are no delays in processing your application, or having your application deemed incomplete, please submit your fee calculation worksheet for approval before any payment is made.

If you make an error in your payment, you will need to request a refund from the City which could take up to five business days to process.

When you’re ready to pay your fees, you have three options:

You can make electronic payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or wire transfer for planning application fees that exceed $30,000 and can’t be paid through ePlans or by email payment.

A $15 surcharge is applicable to all wire transfers. Please make sure this amount is added to your payment before transferring your payment to the City.

EFT payment process
  1. Complete the Electronic Payment Information Form

Please make sure that the information you provide in the form matches the information you send with your payment. This will prevent any delays in verifying and processing your payment.

    • If you’re paying as an individual you’ll need to include your name, full address, phone number and email address on the information form.
    • If you’re paying as a company you’ll need to include the legal business name, GST/HST registration number, company address, phone number, and the email address of a company representative on the information form.
  1. Submit the Electronic Payment Information Form

Email the form to both the City staff member who requested the payment and to In the subject line of your email please write “Electronic Payment” and include the file number and/or the property address.

  1. Pay the fees

The City staff member will email you the City’s banking information. Make the transfer through your financial institution and email the receipt to the City staff member who requested the payment and to

You can make an Interac e-transfer payment for application fees that are less than $25,000.

How to make an Interac e-transfer (email) payment
  • Prepare your Interac e-transfer (email) from your bank
  • In your message to the contact, make sure you include a cross-reference number to link the application to the fee payment:
    • Planning applications cross-reference number is the “ePlans Pre-Application Number”
  • Email the payment to

When you make your payment it will be automatically deposited to the City. There are no reversals or cancellations.

You can use a credit card to pay for application fees that are less than $30,000. Credit card payments must be processed through ePlans.

Once we’ve received your payment, City staff will clear the payment condition. It can take up to two business days for us to receive the transaction information and for the payment condition to be cleared.

Once you’ve paid the fees, your application will be created and we’ll email you an application number.

5. Department review

Your application will be reviewed by the relevant City departments and agencies to make sure it meets all the requirements. You can view all of the comments in your “Project Status Report” in ePlans.

Resubmit revised or more information

If any of the review groups have withheld your application you will need to resubmit revised or additional information. We’ll send you an “applicant resubmit” email telling you what to do next.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the process please call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email

You can also contact your reviewers directly if you have questions about their comments. The phone number and email address for each reviewer is located on the first page of the “workflow – project status report” in ePlans.