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Building the Dundas Bus Rapid Transit

Property Acquisition

There is insufficient land within the limits of Dundas Street and private property acquisitions are required to facilitate the construction and operation of the Dundas BRT.

The City has initiated the property acquisition process. The majority of property pieces required for the Dundas BRT Mississauga East Project consists of narrow parcels of linear land along the Dundas corridor. The City is reaching out to the affected property owners with a view of achieving amicable agreements, and is committed to ensuring that property owners understand the process and their rights.

If you have questions about property acquisition, contact the Realty Services at


To prepare for the construction of the Dundas BRT Mississauga East Project, the City is ensuring the future BRT route is clear of encroachments. They result from any use of City-owned land by individuals or corporations for their own purposes. Unless authorized by the City, property owners are prohibited from intruding on, in, under or over the ground space of an adjacent City-owned property such as parklands, greenbelts, roads and City easements.

Staff is reaching out to property owners and/or tenants located on the route to give them notice and the opportunity to collect items on City property ranging from signs to planters and other items. Remaining encroachments will need to be removed through enforcement of the City’s Encroachment By-law. Staff will continue to work collaboratively with property owners and tenants to minimize enforcement action.


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