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Apply for an Official Plan or Zoning By-law amendment

If you want to propose changes to the Mississauga Official Plan or Zoning By-law you need to submit an application for an Official Plan amendment or Zoning By-law amendment.

Online application process

1. Create account and submit pre-application meeting request

Start by creating an ePlans account. Then log into ePlans and follow the steps to submit your pre-application meeting request, which includes uploading your drawings and documents.

You should submit the following drawings and documents with your pre-application meeting request for Official Plan amendment or rezoning:

  1. Site plan, including the following:
    • Building footprint and dimensions (existing and proposed)
    • Building setbacks from all lot lines (existing and proposed)
    • Site statistics (e.g lot area, existing and proposed gross floor area, parking required and provided etc.)
    • Landscaped areas/buffers and dimensions
    • Site access, driveway location, parking areas and dimensions
  1. Elevation drawings with height dimensions (i.e floor-to-floor and overall building height)
  2. Floor plans, survey plan and images of the property and surrounding area, if available
  3. A cover letter which includes the applicant and property owner name, brief description of the proposal and who will be attending the meeting

Drawings and documents should be saved in the correct view orientation.

File names for all drawings should include the first letter of the discipline name, such as ‘A’ for architectural, followed by the three digit sheet number and drawing type. For example, ‘A100 – Site Plan’.

Each drawing plan sheet should be an individual file.

Make sure to use the ‘Complete – Notify the City of Mississauga’ button to submit your request.

Once we receive your pre-application meeting request we’ll review the drawings and documents you’ve submitted, tell you what additional information is required, or any changes that should be made.

If everything is correct we’ll schedule a meeting with you and the Development Application Review Committee (DARC). At this meeting we will provide you with comments and feedback on your proposal along with information on all the plans, studies and documentation that you need to submit with your application.

All feedback will also be available for you to view in ePlans.

2. Submit an application request

When you’re ready to submit your Official Plan or Zoning By-law amendment application call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email