Boost your brand in Mississauga

Mississauga is the 6th largest City in Canada and one of country’s most globally connected and culturally diverse cities. Mississauga residents enjoy a naturally balanced lifestyle with natural beauty and a stunning waterfront. We celebrate our local heritage, thriving arts scene and enjoy being in the heart of one of North America’s most exciting and prosperous regions.

A large crowd at a City event in Celebration Square.

Building mutually beneficial relationships with companies

Our Sponsorship and Corporate Development team works to build mutually beneficial relationships with companies in order to support the City’s strategic pillars.

A graphic representing the City's Strategic Pillars; Move, Connect, Green, Belong, Prosper.

Mississauga’s possibilities are limitless with a ‘can do’ spirit. City programs and services can provide companies the opportunity to make impactful, meaningful, and direct or indirect benefits to support community and corporate initiatives.

Align your marketing tactics with the City to provide loyalty and brand awareness for your products and services.

With a population of more than 720,000, our residents find the most appealing elements of Mississauga to be its location to amenities, parks and open spaces, not to mention cleanliness, multiculturalism, safety, high quality of life, and access to programs and facilities. Harness our knowledge to target your message to specific audiences, based on age or demographic.

Mississauga population breakdown by age*


Total population


19 years and under


20-54 years


55+ years

Mississauga cultural characteristics*
Mississauga cultural characteristics*
Mississauga cultural characteristics*: 87% residents are Canadian citizens, 53% are immigrants to Canada, 70% speak English at home, 30% speak a non-official language (other than English and French), 57% visible minority rate.

30% Speak a non-official language other than English and French.
Top 5 non-official languages spoken in Mississauga*
  • Urdu (3.6%)
  • Mandarin (2.9%)
  • Arabic (2.6%)
  • Polish (2.4%)
  • Punjabi (2%)
Mississauga household income*
$83,000 median household income
vs Peel Region
vs Provincial
vs National
Education statistics in Mississauga*
Education: 70% of ages 25-64 have completed post-secondary education, 42% – Bachelor level or above education, 22% of ages 25-64 hold high school diploma, 8% – does not hold certificate, diploma or degree.

* Per 2016 census.