Partner with the City of Mississauga and support of cause-based and resident initiatives, that engage the local community.

The main entrance at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre.

Support from corporate partners is integral to achieving the mandates of major City projects, community programs and providing additional levels of service and infrastructure. Partnerships with companies that share the ethos of the City’s strategic pillars, benefit the lives of Mississauga residents, and enhance corporate community relations.

Partnership benefits
  • Promotes education
  • Builds community
  • Provides supportive environments

Making the leap from sponsorship to partnership is an important step for companies looking for new funding, marketing, and engagement opportunities. Your business can make an impact by investing and developing in:

  • Climate change: low carbon community, waste management and litter mitigation, and single use plastics initiatives
  • Natural environmental improvements at specific sites across the city
  • Community infrastructure: build healthy and happy communities, efficiency in transit and mobility
  • Program delivery in supportive environments: engage youth, older adults, and newcomers in meaningful, healthy, and socially-based activities
  • Life-long learning: programs and technology support such as Library Laptop Lending
  • Fire safety educational enhancements: enhance citizens overall health and quality of life

Community is essential to your brand

Deloitte’s 2020 Global Marketing Trends Report revealed that 20% of consumers base buying decisions on how companies support the communities in which they operate, and that purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow three times faster than their competitors. CEOs are ranking societal impact as the number one way they measure annual performance and marketing ROI.

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