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Boulevard Maintenance

Forestry maintains grass on City property that is next to main roads. The exception is boulevards that front private properties, both residential and commercial. Maintenance work includes grass cutting, turf maintenance (seeding, fertilizing, aeration, sodding) and leaf pick up.

Maintaining Boulevard Grass

Residents are required by the Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-Law to cut the small area of grass between the roadway and the front and side of their home. Keeping the boulevard grass area cut helps keep your neighbourhood neat and tidy.

Pesticide Use

Under the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticides Ban, the City of Mississauga does not treat City-owned property with pesticides.

Road Grass Cutting Schedule

Forestry staff are responsible for cutting the grass along primary and secondary roadways that do not front onto private property. The grass cutting schedule varies throughout the year:

  • Two times in April, May and June
  • Once every three weeks in July and August
  • Two times in September
  • One time in October and November

Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-Law

Forestry is responsible for monitoring and controlling harmful weeds under the Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-Law PDF Document on land including private property, City facilities, grounds, yards or vacant lots. Tall Grass includes any grasses which exceed 20 cm in height.

For more information call 3-1-1 (905-615-4311 if outside City limits)

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